Q & A with Michele Olivier + Little Foodie Giveaway

Little foodie


I am super excited to introduce you to Little Foodie, a cookbook for your babies and toddlers by my friend Michele Olivier. I met Michele while working at Nordstrom and back then we were both trying to climb our way up the corporate ladder. Just two overly ambitious woman trying to make something of our lives not knowing what really was in store for our futures.


Now 10+ years later we still remain friends but we have long tossed that previous goal and took on brand new journeys. What changed you asked?  Kids! We now share two things in common. We are both control freaks and big time foodies. I’ll admit before having kids, I ate like crap but after having kids, you really start to think about food in a different way. When I had Taye I tried my hand at making fresh foods but never really quite succeeded. Julia Child and Michele would have been ashamed of me. I made mediocre purees that were thankfully edible. This time around with Odin (my second), I’m so glad I have her book to guide me through creating fresh foods full of flavor! God gave me a second chance at being a supermom. Ha.

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