Another Year, Another Birthday

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Okay so I had a month long celebration for my birthday but not by my choice. I tell you why it was a month long. I think everyone around me used my birthday as an excuse to get together to do things especially my girlfriends. I didn’t mind it though because I got some great meals and big fun out of it. But if it was left to me I wouldn’t do anything. The perfect celebration would be a quiet night at home with my boys.

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Babies, Girlfriends and Picnics


During my childhood, hands down Full House was one of the best shows on T.V. I always wanted to be DJ Tanner and wished uncle Jesse could be my uncle. I mean come on it was based in San Francisco and one of the painted ladies was used in the intro as their home. How could a native like me not be into something like that?! So when I was looking for a good park for a picnic with my girlfriends and their tots, Alamo Square right in front of the painted ladies was the perfect spot.

It’s crazy that the four of us all had our second and third child only months apart and unplanned. Lucky right? Not only did we watch one another grow up but now we  get to experience motherhood together. So we try to take advantage of this time in our lives to get together with the kids as much as possible. This way they grow up close and become best buds just like their mamas. Well at least that’s what we hope for.
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I went to Trader Joe’s and spent only $35 for everything. I picked up some cold cuts, fruit, cheese (they have a mushroom Brie that is insanely good), bread/crackers and drinks. I don’t think picnics have to be fancy and over complicated. One of the best things to do if you want to keep it easy and simple is having a potluck. My girlfriends and I usually do that for most get togethers. A good tip I learned is to use your flat sheets (obviously ones that you don’t plan on using on the bed) in place of a blanket or mat. They are usually bigger in size and can easily go in the wash after being used.

I also cut and washed everything the night before and put it all into one big container. It’s so much easier to transport this way. Bring two cutting boards and you have yourself large enough surfaces to layout all your food. It also looks so much cuter this way.


KDS_7800KDS_7612 KDS_7635 KDS_7675 KDS_7731-2 KDS_7693KDS_7883 KDS_7842 alamo square kids 2KDS_7877

Look at these guys horsing around. It made me so happy to watch them play so well together. Such hams! They don’t know it yet but when they get older they will understand how lucky they are to have one another. It’s not always going to be easy for them to make new friends when they start school but at least this way they have each other.

KDS_7737 KDS_7936 KDS_7473 KDS_7932

My gf scored this awesome tee at the Renegade Craft Fair. It’s from Saffron and Kumquats. So fitting for the occasion.

♦♦ Our beats for the day: Let me In-GroupLove


[post by Samantha Du Quan and pictures by Kirstina Sang]

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His & Hers 03: Merci

Some Saturdays during the summer you will find us at the Ferry building farmer’s market where we like to eat lunch. We can usually count on the weather to be 10 degrees higher than by our house. It’s also a great place to pick up fresh flowers.

Lately, Taye and I have been living in our new Hugo loves Tiki sweatshirts. SF natives know that no matter how hot the day may be, it is always smart to bring an extra layer. Our weather is so unpredictable that it could be warm in the morning but as soon as Karl the fog rolls in, everything changes. Visitors: you’re welcome. You will thank me later for this tip.

Pressed Juicery is always a must when we are there! Below little man has been obsessed with basketball. Probably more so since the Warriors won the championship. So as you can see he’s practicing his moves in those pics. The jumping one is one of my all time favs.

On Taye || Sweatshirt: Hugo loves Tiki; Tee: Freshly picked (old); Shorts: Zara (old) On me || sweatshirt: Hugo Loves Tiki; shoes: Stan Smith; tote: Apolis


[post by Samantha Du Quan and photos by Kirstina Sang]

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