Taye’s First Movie

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Before kids going to a movie was something that required no thought but after kids it requires a lot more brain power. Brad has been wanting to take Taye since he was two but I didn’t think he was ready. And now since we’ve watched Big Hero Six over a million times at home and knowing the kid can sit through the entire thing without blinking every single time, I knew he was finally ready.

We’ve been wanting to take Taye to watch Inside Out but with baby O, it has been super hard to spend time with just the 3 of us. So when my mom finally offered to watch him, we jumped at the chance to do it. There’s a little mom and pop theatre in our neighborhood that is within walking distance so we decided to take him there. On the entire walk there he kept saying, “this is the best day ever!”

I think it’s easy for second time parents to neglect spending quality time with your first born especially for moms. It’s only natural that most of your time is devoted to caring for your new born baby. So I have to constantly remind myself to set aside time for just me and Taye. Taking him to his first movie was a perfect memorable event to remind him nothing has changed.

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Five useful tips for taking your kids to their first movie:

+ Figure out if they are really ready? Can they sit through a movie at home without being distracted? Are they afraid of the dark? These are just some things that you should ask yourself.

+ Ask them to use the bathroom during the ads and trailers.  Chances are they won’t sit still during this time anyways because it’s not something that interest them. Poor Taye was so afraid to speak up during the middle of the movie so he tried to hold his pee. It wasn’t until I got up when he finally told me he had to go too.

+ Be prepared to leave at any given moment if things don’t go right. You don’t want to be the parents that every movie goer hate.

+ Choose an appropriate movie. Do your research. We thought Inside out was fitting but it turned out to be more of an adult movie. A short animated film probably is the best to start with.

+ Timing. Do it earlier in the day when they are happier and have more energy. During nap time or late at night will probably give you an early exit to the movie.


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[post by Samantha Du Quan]

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