Another Year, Another Birthday

bday 7


Okay so I had a month long celebration for my birthday but not by my choice. I tell you why it was a month long. I think everyone around me used my birthday as an excuse to get together to do things especially my girlfriends. I didn’t mind it though because I got some great meals and big fun out of it. But if it was left to me I wouldn’t do anything. The perfect celebration would be a quiet night at home with my boys.

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Babies, Girlfriends and Picnics


During my childhood, hands down Full House was one of the best shows on T.V. I always wanted to be DJ Tanner and wished uncle Jesse could be my uncle. I mean come on it was based in San Francisco and one of the painted ladies was used in the intro as their home. How could a native like me not be into something like that?! So when I was looking for a good park for a picnic with my girlfriends and their tots, Alamo Square right in front of the painted ladies was the perfect spot.

It’s crazy that the four of us all had our second and third child only months apart and unplanned. Lucky right? Not only did we watch one another grow up but now we  get to experience motherhood together. So we try to take advantage of this time in our lives to get together with the kids as much as possible. This way they grow up close and become best buds just like their mamas. Well at least that’s what we hope for.
KDS_7594 KDS_7543 KDS_7491


I went to Trader Joe’s and spent only $35 for everything. I picked up some cold cuts, fruit, cheese (they have a mushroom Brie that is insanely good), bread/crackers and drinks. I don’t think picnics have to be fancy and over complicated. One of the best things to do if you want to keep it easy and simple is having a potluck. My girlfriends and I usually do that for most get togethers. A good tip I learned is to use your flat sheets (obviously ones that you don’t plan on using on the bed) in place of a blanket or mat. They are usually bigger in size and can easily go in the wash after being used.

I also cut and washed everything the night before and put it all into one big container. It’s so much easier to transport this way. Bring two cutting boards and you have yourself large enough surfaces to layout all your food. It also looks so much cuter this way.


KDS_7800KDS_7612 KDS_7635 KDS_7675 KDS_7731-2 KDS_7693KDS_7883 KDS_7842 alamo square kids 2KDS_7877

Look at these guys horsing around. It made me so happy to watch them play so well together. Such hams! They don’t know it yet but when they get older they will understand how lucky they are to have one another. It’s not always going to be easy for them to make new friends when they start school but at least this way they have each other.

KDS_7737 KDS_7936 KDS_7473 KDS_7932

My gf scored this awesome tee at the Renegade Craft Fair. It’s from Saffron and Kumquats. So fitting for the occasion.

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His & Hers 03: Merci

Some Saturdays during the summer you will find us at the Ferry building farmer’s market where we like to eat lunch. We can usually count on the weather to be 10 degrees higher than by our house. It’s also a great place to pick up fresh flowers.

Lately, Taye and I have been living in our new Hugo loves Tiki sweatshirts. SF natives know that no matter how hot the day may be, it is always smart to bring an extra layer. Our weather is so unpredictable that it could be warm in the morning but as soon as Karl the fog rolls in, everything changes. Visitors: you’re welcome. You will thank me later for this tip.

Pressed Juicery is always a must when we are there! Below little man has been obsessed with basketball. Probably more so since the Warriors won the championship. So as you can see he’s practicing his moves in those pics. The jumping one is one of my all time favs.

On Taye || Sweatshirt: Hugo loves Tiki; Tee: Freshly picked (old); Shorts: Zara (old) On me || sweatshirt: Hugo Loves Tiki; shoes: Stan Smith; tote: Apolis


[post by Samantha Du Quan and photos by Kirstina Sang]

Two Months


Time is really going by too quick. Here’s a little update on baby O. Just the other day he turned two months. It seem like just yesterday when we brought him home from the hospital and he was spending most of his days sleeping. Now he’s awake more and interacts with us. He is starting to smile and talk. We have no idea what he is saying but he sure does look cute doing it. I can spend all day chatting with him and making him giggle. We bought him a playmat from Ikea and he is starting to kick his feet up and swing his arms around to play with the hanging dolls.

I feel so lucky that he is such an easy and happy baby. I might of just jinxed myself by saying that but he really is. Thank god because if he was a difficult one, I don’t know if I could handle these two together. I’m really trying to savor every moment because I know with a blink of an eye he’s going to be a year old and walking. Altough I want to freeze time right now, I’m excited to see the boys play together in the future. Hopefully they will be close. I don’t have any siblings so I’m going to be figuring out this whole brotherly love thing at the same time as the boys. Wish me luck.

O is wearing || bear hat: Ellie Fun Day; Tank: Bobo Choses from Tug Tug; Shorts: Gap Kids; Swan Blanket: Spearmint Love.



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New Do-Population Salon

short hair

With all the cute short hair pics going around on IG, I was itching to cut mine too. People that know me well, know that I constantly change my hair. Back in high school, I would have a new cut or color every couple months. I even did corn rows and long braids [extensions]. Oh yes I did. I have pictures to prove it. Shoulder length hair is usually my happy place but in the last decade, I think I was having a mid life hair crisis. I don’t know what it was but maybe getting older had something to do with it. So I grew it out as long as I could. Then I did the whole bangs thing. Ugh that didn’t last very long before the bobby pin was my new best friend. Yes shame on me. I absolutely hate growing out bangs! Is it weird that I think long hair might make me look younger?!

A couple weeks ago I decided to chop it all off. I needed a fresh start. So I went to Population and had Brian cut and color my mane. He did balayage and his signature styling which ended up looking amaze balls when I walked out but I can almost guarantee that I won’t be able to reproduce it on a daily basis. I took like a million pics of my new do in every angle to use as a guide for personal styling. Side note: do you smile or smirk when you take selfies? Seriously don’t understand how people do it. Anyways, I’m excited about this new me. Let’s see how long it last before another update?!

short2 short3 short short4

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Father’s Day


This father’s day we took it easy. I planned a simple picnic for me and the boys. After living in SF all my life, I’ve never been to Billy Goat Hill but always wanted to check it out. It was super windy but still such a nice hidden gem. If you visit our city this spot is a must. I really thought there would be more people there but it was pretty empty considering it’s one of the most IG posted places for San Francisco. If you’ve seen pictures of people on a swing overlooking the city, this is the spot I’m talking about.

FD 3 FD 2 FD 8

This swing right here. You can add this photo to the many others. It’s obligatory that we take one ourselves. I love that I got little man matching wooden sunglasses as his dad. When I gave it to him he was so happy. The first thing he said was it looks just like Appa’s! My brave boy below. He’s never scared to do anything. I love that in him. I had baby O in an Ergo. Don’t attempt to ride a swing with your baby in an Ergo. I almost ate it a few times. Still managed to get a lovely capture though.

FD 9 FD 4 FD 10 FD 15

Since Goat Hill was so windy we went to one of our favorite places for a picnic. Glen park. We love the baseball diamonds and the newly remodeled playground. This is O’s first family outing where he actually got to get out of the stroller. Doesn’t he look so happy!

FD 14 FD 13 FD 16

Dinner time! We went to Shabu and went home just in time to get father/son tattoos before bed. Look at my tough boys!
FD 18


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A Little This and That

this or that 8


If you are Chinese or any kind of Asian you will feel me on this. I’ve been on house arrest for the past month and a half with the baby so I haven’t been out and about much. You see, TRADITIONAL Chinese parents believe once you have a baby you should stay home with your newborn for at least one month to three. [I mean not even stepping foot outside for a short walk] This way both you and the baby avoid catching anything from the outside world. Also you are not allowed to eat anything but chicken, ginger or pigs feet and the list goes on with these silly superstitions but that will require a whole separate post. I swear if I have to eat ginger with one more thing I’m going to grow roots out of my ass. It’s funny how things work. When I’m told to stay home all I want to do is go outside. When I have to go and run errands, all I wish for is a day at home.

So last week, I got brave and left the house for a couple of hours and  got to enjoy a little human interaction at the West Coast Craft fair. I didn’t even care which vendors were there but just the thought of being able to catch some fresh air and wander aimlessly was so enticing. Although I have to admit the game is real when you have two kids. What you use to be able to do in an hour, add another or two. Between nursing, changing diapers, going to the potty, you barely have time to do anything while out. Oh and getting two kids ready to go out is a freaking challenge. I like to film ourselves one day doing just that because I’m sure it’s hilarious because all you will see is Brad and I pacing back and forth a hundred times just because we forgot to pack something. Super hectic as all hell. But and there is a BUT, it’s all worth it just so I can go out and be a part of the real world.

I really miss going on little adventures with Taye and sharing all the fun things with you guys on this blog. But soon enough I will have two little adventurers with me roaming around the city. I honestly can’t wait for that. Just one more month! There is so much I want to show and do with Odin.

Below are a few snapshots of a little bit of this and a little of that. Just a few things that I was able to do and see within the couple of hours I was let loose out of my house.
West CoastIMG_0553 IMG_0554 this or that 2 This or that 3 this or that 4 this or that 5 this or that 6



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Odin Gray Makes Four



Well hello friends. Please slap me because I think I’m dreaming! Oh wait, it really did happen. It’s hard to believe that ODIN came into our world about a month ago. And now we are a family of four + dog. We were so excited for his arrival and now that he is here, words can’t even express how much in love we are with him. [although I secretly do miss being pregnant] Every moment with him is pure baby bliss. It might be too soon to tell but his smiles and quirks already show signs of a hilarious personality. He’s definitely a special little guy.

Kirstina Sang, my dear & talented friend came to visit and took the most awesome pics of our clan. She captured some really special moments. I loved them all but I could only share a few. Seriously Brad and I are beyond lucky to have two amazing beautiful boys added to our ever growing family!


KDS_6510 four 2KDS_6914 KDS_7128 KDS_7046KDS_7223-2


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Mini Utopia #5

Cover TT
What is sweeter than afternoon Tea Time in the park with your favorite girlfriend? Layla’s best friend Olivia is moving away to the Big Apple so this moment is bitter sweet. To celebrate their friendship they dressed up in their Spring dresses and whimsical flower crowns [made by Mina] to sip and chat in the garden.
TT 7 TT 3
Simple props included a tea set on a colorful gingham covered play table, a garden trellis attached with a climbing rose vine, some delicious cupcakes and marshmellows of course.
TT 4 TT 5 TT 11
What they wore:
On Layla // Top: Target (similar); Skirt: H&M; Sandals: Saltwater; Flower Crown: Bohemian Garden Shop
On Olivia // Dress: Zara Kids; Cardigan: Zara Kids (similar); Sandals: Saltwater; Flower Crown: Bohemian Garden Shop

TT 10 TT 6 TT 9

This playdate makes me want to have tea time with my girlfriends too! Oh and also wear socks with my Saltwaters. A big thank you to Mina and Layla again for the most adorable garden captures of two best friends. Mina’s flower crown shop is coming soon so be sure to check it out! Have a great weekend.


♦♦ Layla and Olivia’s beats for the day: Her Tea Leaves – Iron and Wine



[ Set created by Mina Armstrong for the Hip Kid and photos by Rocio Pearce]

Mini Utopia # 04

AP Main 2

Hi, I’m Layla and this is my curly hair friend, Taye!

You guys I’m beyond excited for you to see this one because it features the two most adorable little peanuts we know. Yup they are our very own so yes we are totally biased. What are the chances that both Mina and I have a kid with curly hair?!! So we thought it would be super cute to have them get together for a rainy playdate in their rain boots.

The first thing that comes to mind when April starts to arrive are “April Showers.” Although I have to say there hasn’t been much of it in the bay area this year, hence the drought we are facing. In any case, Mina and I thought it would be fun to create a rainy and wet mood for these two little adventurers to explore.


On Layla // Raincoat: Target; rain boots: Mini Melissa; dress: Kira Kids


On Taye // Hoody: Beau Loves; pants: Gap Kids; rain boots and socks: Hunter (similar)

April showers 11KDS_7154-2

We knew we really wanted clouds and rain for our shoot so Mina made the prop cutting out a cloud shape from cardboard. She used a 4′ dowel rod and adhered it to the cardboard cloud with a hot glue gun.  To create the rain, long strands of cotton string were glued along the bottom of the cloud. Then used batting, from a local fabric store, and hot glued clumps on the cardboard to create the fluffy cloud effect. Tada! A fun cloud prop! Super easy and cheap!



♦♦ Layla and Taye’s beats for the rainy day: Budapest-George Ezra



I can’t believe the first half of the year is almost over and soon enough it will be summer. A big thank you again to Mina for being so talented and having the cutest little girl to feature each month. See you back for May when the flowers bloom!


[Prop created by Mina Caragay for the Hip Kid and photos are by Kirstina Sang]

Just My Bump and Me: 37 weeks


It’s almost TIME!

The count down of weeks and days is on!!! No more months. I have about 3 1/2  weeks or 22 days to go. Kind of scary when I see it that way.

I’ve been feeling a little nervous thinking about all the things I still have to do to prepare for his arrival. I finally went through all of Taye’s old clothes to see what I can use but I have to find the time to wash it all. As if I don’t already spend most days doing enough laundry for little man and me.  I guess the good thing about having another boy is I don’t have to spend tons of money on new clothes. I know the husband is happy about that.

On to names-we still don’t have one narrowed down. Boys names are just so much harder than girls. We had our baby girl name picked out before we even ever had Taye but the funny thing is we might never have a girl. I did ask for some suggestions on Instagram a couple weeks back. Thank you for all the wonderful names.

This last stretch of pregnancy is a little up and down for me. My body is definitely stretched to it’s fullest so there are days I can’t wait to have him out already but then I know once he is out I will miss being pregnant. It’s always bittersweet. It’s really hard to lean down to pick up something off the floor, or tie my shoes, or sit down in one position for more than 20 minutes. And the one thing I miss most is sleeping on my stomach. When those things get me down I just keep telling myself it’s almost over. Everyone keeps telling me that having two boys is amazing. Well at least after the first year. They will be able to keep each other busy and allow me some free time. I really hope that is true.

The other day when I woke up, peanut said to me, “mama are you excited for Rainbow to come out?” I just looked at him and couldn’t stop smiling. I told him I couldn’t wait for him to be a bigger brother. He said, “I’m really excited to meet him!”

Here’s to the last weeks.

IMG_5956bump update 2bump update 3

Dress: Sonnet James; denim vest: J Crew; sandals: Birkenstocks; Necklace: Argento Vivo (similar)

bump update 5bump update 6

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Meet the Makers 05


^^Meet the Pearce Family^^

The Makers: Rocio and Niklas

Hip Kids: Matthew (17 months) also known as #MADPearce & Zoe Dumplin’ (the dog)

Neighborhood: Outer Parkside and North Beach (their second home)

It has been a while since I’ve introduced you to another hip family in the bay area. Meet the Pearces! I was introduced to Rocio and Niklas through my dear friend Mina. I’m so glad I got to know them because they seriously are the sweetest and realest people on earth. They are also very multi-talented. When we met for coffee Rocio brought Matthew and Zoe along. It was the cutest thing to watch him interact with his dog. Matthew understands three languages (English, Spanish, and Swedish) how awesome is that! They live a modest life in the city and are small business owners. I truly admire young families that don’t take traditional white collar jobs but actually make a living from what they are passionate about. It takes a lot of guts and initiative. This way of living usually gets passed on to their offspring who also become future entrepreneurs. Rocio and Niklas outside of the box thinking definitely inspires my entrepreneurial spirit not only for my work life but also as a parent. I can’t wait for you to read all about this adorable family of four!



 [via iphone 6]

THK: What do you guys do for a living? 

We own a boutique style bicycle shop in Northbeach called Cykel. Both of us are photographers by trade, we got our MFA’s in photography at the Academy of Art University. Nik is the avid cyclist and the reason why we started the shop. At the shop, Nik is the mechanic and manager. Rocio is the administrator, keeper of the books and art manager (when we exhibit art work). We both still try and continue with our photo work, mainly assisting jobs. Since Rocio is only at the shop once a week (mainly a stay at home mom most of the week) she’s trying to get her photo business back in action.



 [via iphone 6]

THK: How would you describe yourselves and your family.

Fun, low key, easy going, mellow are all adjectives to describe us adults. We are active people, like to walk a lot, ride our bikes, go on urban hikes, EAT a lot of good food…except for Matthew, he’s going through a don’t eat anything phase. Matthew is Mr. Energy Man so sitting still is never an option.




THK: How did you two meet?

We met whilst attending graduate school at AAU. Niklas remembers what Rocio was wearing the first day they met for orientation (because he has a crazy memory for odd little details like that!). We became great friends, best friends and confidants and our relationship slowly evolved. We’ve been together for 8.5 years and married for 6 years in November (the day after Matthew’s birthday). Our first official date was a double date with friends at a sushi restaurant in lower height, I believe it’s still there but we can’t remember the name. I remember our first date was at the bowling alley in Yerba Buena’s Zeum in the SOMA but Niklas says our first date alone was us hanging out at the Virgin Megastore on Market street (currently where there’s a Forever 21). There was café there and we browsed through all the books.

THK: What was life like before baby?

Niklas: it was pretty similar except that I rode my bike a lot more. We were homebodies beforehand, watched our TV shows had dinner/drinks with friends went to a few bike events here and there and worked A LOT…so not much has changed.

Rocio: life was more flexible and I was always well rested but Nik is right, as small business owners we were always busy people then, now we are just a little busier.




THK: What has changed most or how has life evolved? What about the relationship between the two of you?

Nik: No sleep, less riding, but tons of fun to play and hang out with our little man.

Rocio: I was A LOT more active, rode my bike to work almost every day. I haven’t ridden a bike since I was about 5 months pregnant which was only about 2 month before Matthew was born (he was born premature at only 33 weeks gestation). So it’s been almost 20 months that I have not sat my butt down on my bike saddle…unfortunately I drive way more than I used to. I also used to do Pilates once a week and I’ve only been three times after Matthew arrived. My nails and appearance are not as well kept as it used to be, even though I’m working on making more time for myself in recent months. I guess that’s the biggest change for me NO TIME FOR MYSELF! Which even though I’m completely OK with it, wouldn’t mind more ME time. Oddly enough I drink less coffee and less wine than before…I feel like most moms I talk to have increased both of those after baby! Also after baby my mind is not as sharp as it used to be so I have to make lists for everything and set reminds otherwise I forget things! Basically, serious case of what they call “mommy brain”.

The relationship between us has gotten stronger in many ways, the love you feel for your partner, especially at the beginning, is indescribable! You appreciate them more, you are thankful for them and the gift of life and love in one little human being (gosh that was sappy!). Yet we are also human so there have been times when things have been very challenging and it does put your relationship to the test. We are lucky enough to be able to have the kind of relationship where we can always talk things through and come to a mutual agreement or compromise.




THK: What’s the best part about being a parent?

Niklas: Watching him explore and experience things for the first time and seeing him grow and change over time.

Rocio: That’s what I was going to SAY! I agree with Nik. The innocence and how wonderful everything is for him, like the first time he saw me blow on a dandelion and then him trying to imitate!

THK: What are your favorite characteristics of little Matthew?

Nik: Everything!

Rocio: There are so many things, it’s hard to pick just one! His laugh is up there in top 5, the look he gives me if I catch him doing something naughty! Also, when he dance with me.





THK: How do you manage being entrepreneurs and have time for your little ones?

Niklas: the perks of owning your own business, there’s no one else to answer to but yourself so it’s easier to make time, we can bring Matthew in to work with us because the boss is ok with it.

Rocio: I stay at home with Matthew and on Friday’s when I need to come in to the shop, I just bring him with me.





THK: What are your favorite family outings in the city? Favorite Restaurants? Favorite hangouts?

Our favorite family outings are things we can do with both Matthew and Zoe, so everyday outings are usually walks at the beach, which we live two block away! Favorite restaurants tend to be kind friendly ones, we go to Devil’s Teeth Baking Company often as well as Outerlands. Stern Grove has a great off leash area for dogs with a pond at the end, both canine and human babies enjoy this very much.

THK: What are your favorite shops in the city for your kiddos?

For our nursery furniture and most of our bigger gear love Giggle in the Marina. For clothing, our favorite is Gap Kids, we find trendy things for a great price since I’m a card member but most of Matthew’s trendy clothes come from his very hip Farmor (father’s mother in Swedish), so they are cool Swedish brands which we love (KappAlh’s Newbie line and KAXS as well as Baby by Lindex). Carmel Blue is our #1 favorite local shop in the city for everyday essentials, toys, books apparel and they offer free mommy groups! I take Matthew there to their music Jiggle Jam classes, which are so much fun! They have goodies for every developmental stage.




THK: What is the one baby product you can live without? And what is on your wish list?

We can probably have lived without the baby mobile we bought. If it’s can’t live without, that depends on the stage. When he was really little we couldn’t live without burp cloths and our Moby Wrap, I wore him EVERYWHERE! Now that he’s older and heavier we can’t live without our Uppa Baby Vista stroller! It reclines a lot so when we’re at the shop and he need a nap he usually takes it there.

I recently found a brand called Lennon and Wolfe and I’m obsessed with their Bristol hoodie and really want one for Matthew!

THK: What three words best describes your family?

Silly, laidback, mellow



[via iphone 6]

THK: Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years?

In an ideal world we see ourselves here, right where we are, with a thriving business and a well behaved and respectful 6.5 year old boy, who may or may not be a big brother.

THK: Any advice?

Our advice is to listen to your gut always when it comes to your baby, follow your instincts because as parents they are usually correct. Be open to all advice even the ones you don’t ask for and take every advice with a grain of salt. Every baby is different and every family dynamic is different, if we all followed a manual we would be a very boring human race. Ultimately you are the expert on your child. Also, never be afraid to ask for help with family and close friends.




Thank you so much to the Pearce family for allowing me into your home and your shop to provide a sneak peak of your lovely life. If you are ever in North Beach please make sure to visit their amazing boutique to say hi. Rocio and Niklas know practically every small business owner in the neighborhood and are most likely going to give you the best referrals for shops in the area. While you are there you might also catch a chance to meet sweet little Matthew and Zoe, the cutest baby and dog ever!

If you would like your family to be featured or nominate one that matches the aesthetics of the Hip Kid blog, please feel free to reach out to me via email or comment below. See you back next time to meet another Hip family!


[post by Samantha Du Quan and photos unless noted are by Kirstina Sang]

His & Hers 02: Mr. & Mrs. Stripes

hishers.2.47We LOVE ice cream just as much we love FRIDAYS!!!! What are your plans this weekend? We spent a day during spring break having an amazing lunch in the dog patch then headed for ice cream at Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous. Seriously one of the cutest ice cream shops in San Francisco that offer ridiculous flavors like pink Squirrel, candied violet and buttermilk lemon. I had the thai tea and salted mango and it did not disappoint. And being 8 months pregnant, hands down I was in heaven. For sure one of our favorite pastimes as a family is visiting all the ice cream shops in SF.

hishers.2.1 hishers.2.3Decisions, decisions, It was so hard to decide on what flavors (notice I said flavors, not flavor. You bet I got double scoops!) You’ll see my happy ice cream face down below.
hishers.2.10 hishers.2.11 hishers.2.13 hishers.2.23 hishers.2.29Can’t believe it’s Spring time already. Stripes is an easy staple for this time of year. I probably can safely say I have a drawer of stripes in my closet. It’s such a timeless and classic print that you can never go wrong with.

On Me// jacket: Zara; stripe dress: Madewell (similar); bracelet: Miansai; boots: Acne; Tote Bag: Cuyana

On Taye// hoody: American Apparel; stripe tee: Crewcuts (similar); jeans: Gap kids (similar); shoes: Adidas Stan Smith
hishers.2.17 hishers.2.38hishers.2.46hishers.2.50 hishers.2.52 hishers.2.54 I got photobombed by two cuties!!



[Post by Samantha Du Quan & photos by the lovely Kirstina Sang]

Here and There

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! We sure did. Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of things that we did here and there. We had our annual Easter Egg hunt with all of our friends. This last week was also Spring Break for our little man so I convinced my husband to take a day off during the week so we can spend some quality family time together. I’m glad I pushed because it was great to see how happy little man was when he woke up and saw both of us in bed on a weekday! He spends most of his days playing at preschool with his friends so it’s a real treat when I get to spend as much time with him as possible. Everyday during the week he would say, “thank you mama for taking me out!” My heart just melted each time. Exploring the city with a toddler being 8 months pregnant wasn’t easy but it was well worth it just to see him smile.IMG_9645 IMG_9640

Just last year he would be super scared to climb anything at the playground but since he started preschool, it has really helped him conquer his fears. Now we can’t take him to a playground without him climbing all the structures. My heart beats a little faster when I see him so high up but I’m also super proud he is becoming so fearless!
IMG_9659 Piccino IMG_9675 IMG_9685It’s not often we get to have lunch as a family on a weekday but we decided to head over to Piccino’s in the Dogpatch. A girlfriend of mine kept telling me how this was one of her favorites. Man I wished I discovered it sooner. The food was absolutely amazing and the yellow building had so much charm inside and out. If you do make it out you have to try the Mushroom Pizza with Egg! I mean just look at his face in the picture above. All the food was definitely toddler approved because he ate everything! This doesn’t always happen. After you can head next door to their coffee shop to grab a cup and sweets.
IMG_9689 IMG_9701 Image 2 IMG_9699 IMG_9703I found Ironman and Olaf eggs that we stuffed and packed in his Easter basket. Oh and I also found a Big Hero 6 sticker book in the one dollar section of Target. The kid went bonkers.

We invited T’s friends over for our annual Easter Egg hunt and potluck. We really lucked out because the weather was beautiful and the kiddos had a blast! It was also a good excuse for the parents to catch up and have a little fun of their own too. Oh and since we got him this Iron man hoody, it has been on it’s 4th day of rotation. I don’t think he’s planning on taking it off ever. IMG_9646I found this toothbrush at Target that lights up for 60 seconds to push kids to brush until the light goes off. Brad thought I was crazy when I brought it home but it was his idea to turn off the lights. It was hilarious watching Taye brush his teeth in the dark with this glowing toothbrush while he dances. He absolutely loved that thing. I wonder how long until the novelty wears off?!

All in all we had a wonderful week and spending all this time with my little man made me love him even more, If that is even really possible.


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Mini Utopia #3

Handsdown the cutest little critters in the park are your own little ones. There’s something about having your child run free in the open space through the trees and smelling the fresh scented air. We who live in San Francisco are lucky enough to have the best of both worlds. We get the urban living of a metropolis city but also have Golden Gate park at our disposal for an outdoor adventure.

For this Mini Utopia, Layla invited her little friends who got dressed up for a woodsy gathering in the park. Mina and her good friend Annalise of The Hummingbird Girls blog got together and created a woodland Critter theme that is too cute for words. They are fortunate to have a great group of moms with toddlers all around the same age who get to hang out and create fun memories like this.

Mini Utopia 3

Mini Utopia 3

A few props were made for the big day, which included critter mask on sticks and ear head bands to incorporate nature inspired items that would be fun for the kids and just cute for pictures. For snack time, they put together a toddler trail mix, fresh fruit and juice boxes.  Annalise also baked the most delicious looking toadstool mushroom cupcakes that were loved by the adults too, which were placed on a wood tiered platter that Mina handmade.  You never know what kind of a hungry mood a toddler will be in but one thing is for sure, this play date packed with adorableness and excitement!

Image 10 Mini Utopia

On Layla//Dress: Old Navy (similar) ; Cardigan: H & M; Raccoon socks: Little Circus; Kitty Shoes: Mini Melissa from Nordstrom

Mini Utopia 3

Mini Utopia

On Leo//Fox shirt: Zebi Baby from Heartfelt SF; Jacket: Gap (similar); Pants: Gap (similar); Moccasins: Bobux from Aldea Ninos Shop

Mini Utopia Mini Utopia Mini Utopia

On Matthew//Cardigan: Baby by Lindex; Tee: Gap (similar); Pants: KappAhl; Shoes: Gap On Enzo// Tee: Old Navy; Shoes: Nike Kids

mini u Mini UtopiaMini Utopia

Thanks again to Mina and Annalise for another cute overload feature! I wonder what Layla’s big adventure will be for next month?!

♦♦ Layla’s beats for her critter party: The Woods-Hollow Coves


[Set created by Mina and Annalise for the Hip Kid. All photos by Kirstina Sang, Linda T and Rocio Pearce]

Plow + The Collaboreat

Plow 1Happy Monday friends! Today I’m excited to let you know that I’m featured on an awesome traveling and eating blog, The Collaboreat.  It’s a site where bloggers from everywhere contribute their favorite eats from all around the world. It’s also a place to create your guide for any upcoming travel plans you may have.

When they asked me to introduce one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco, I immediately thought of Plow in the Potrero Hill. If you haven’t been you must put this place on your list but don’t say I didn’t warn you, there’s usually a 1-2 hour wait.

So head on over  to The Collaboreat and read my post and discover a few more new places to mark in your travel book.

Happy Travels & Eating!

Plow 2 Plow 4

1299 18TH STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 94107 (415) 821-PLOW(7569)
breakfast + lunch:Tuesday – Friday, 7AM – 2PM
brunch: 8AM – 2PM
closed Mondays

[All photos by Rhythm K Mohan]


His & Hers 01: Checking out Sutro Baths

His and Hers 01

Remember in the beginning of the year I told you I would be introducing a couple of new series?! Well friends, this is the first post of “His & Hers” where style meets adventure. Call it our version of #ootd mama and kid style.

We took a little morning hike around Sutro Baths at Ocean Beach in our Vans Checkerboards to look for Dinosaurs and eggs. And of course we don’t go anywhere without Ironman. They really have done a great job of  revamping this place up. I remember when I use to come here as a teenager all the trails were  rocky and you had to climb at your own risk. Now it’s beautifully landscaped with proper trails and a look out building. Can’t believe in another month I will be hiking with two boys! Ah life is pretty damn sweet.

His and Hers 01: 02/17 His and Hers 01-03/17 His and Hers 01: 04/17 His and Hers 01: 05/17 His and Hers 01: 06/17 His and Hers 01: 07/17 His and Hers 01: 07/17 His and Hers 01: 08/17 His and Hers 01: 09/17 See Ironman goes wherever we go. Although most of the time he ends up in my purse to sleep. It’s all about super heroes and dinosaurs right now. His and Hers 01: 10/17I got this adorable Pretzel Pretzel bear and pom necklace for Taye from the new Tug Tug storeHis and Hers 01: 18/19 His and Hers 01: 19/19His and Hers 01: 11/17 We found a really big dinosaur egg and hide it in a safe place in the cave. His and Hers 01: 12/17 His and Hers 01: 14/17 His and Hers 01: 15/17 His and Hers 01: 17/17

On me: beanie: Neff; sweater: Madewell old (smilier here); jeans: Asos; bag:Mansur Gavriel; shoes: Vans; necklace: One White Sunday

On Taye: hoodie; Beau Loves old (similar here); pants: Zara kids old; necklace: PretzelPretzel; shoes: Vans

[Post by Samantha Du Quan & photos by Kirstina Sang]

AYK – Angie Kim

AYK for the Hip Kid Blog

It’s safe to say that I will always shop locally and support local makers over big retailers any day. I love the feeling of buying a piece of work from someone knowing they poured their blood, sweat and tears into making it. So when my long time friend Angie Kim started AYK, her leather goods line I knew I had to support this beautiful craft and of course her journey. This week I was lucky enough to visit Angie’s San Francisco studio and talk to her about work, life and of course just to catch up!

AYK 2 for THK

THK: Where and how did this dream of yours begin?

Starting my own line has always been on my list of life goals, but also something that felt like an unattainable dream. Looking back, I realize it was all about timing and having the right mindset to get things going.

I was working as an Industrial Designer at IDEO for a while and decided to take on a project based in India for 7 months. As cliche as it may sound, India really woke me up. Everyday I would walk by makers and craftsmen creating beautiful products. The intimacy of their work and the direct relationship with their customers was refreshing to witness in a profession where it often takes years, if ever, to see your products come to life. Being there gave me the nudge I needed to start my own endeavor rooted in craft and making. It shifted my energy from thinking ‘one day’ to ‘I can make it happen now.’

AYK 9 for the Hip Kid Blog

THK: How does it feel to work for yourself and what are some of the biggest challenges?

 There are moments where the daily and long-term challenges feel daunting, but the flip side to that is you learn to make choices that are liberating and empowering. I’ve learned to trust that it will all work out and to believe in myself.

I remember after leaving IDEO, I would wake up in the morning and think, “Ok… now what do I do with myself today?” After being a part of a well-oiled machine with lots of people and structure around you, I found it terribly difficult to create my own inertia everyday. But eventually you figure out a new rhythm, and now the next biggest challenge is figuring out how to expand the business. It’s pretty amazing to look back and know moving forward that you can and will get through every obstacle you face.

AYK 3 for The Hip Kid Blog

THK: How would you best describe your collection and style?

AYK is about taking classic silhouettes and adding a personal touch that connects you to the material. I wanted to design something that spoke about the remarkable traits of leather and that brought beauty, fluidity, and strength to a woman’s wardrobe.

AYK 4 for The Hip Kid Blog

THK: Tell me a little about the design and production process and what it’s like? 

Designing and crafting products is incredibly fulfilling. To think of an idea and to transform it into a tangible, usable object is one of the most rewarding experiences. Once I get started on something that excites me, I get lost in my own world. It’s like a puzzle that hasn’t been explored, but somehow my mind has already envisioned the outcome and I’m just exploring all the details until I find harmony.

AYK 5 for The Hip Kid Blog

THK: What does a typical AYK day look like?

Absolutely non-routine. Each day is wildly different as you take on new roles, new challenges, and new ideas. It can be pretty exciting as you meet interesting people and when you see your hard work come together. Other days can be quite frustrating as you navigate setbacks and tough logistics. Let’s just say, I’m learning how to chill out and surf the wave.

AYK 6 for The Hip Kid Blog

THK: Any advice for someone trying to start their own business?

The entrepreneur road will break you down and build you up, but it’s worth it if you are passionate about your product. It’s a road taken just as much for your professional development as it is for your personal growth. However, I would urge people to ask if what you’re offering serves a greater need or if it’s an unstoppable desire to express your voice. If it’s yes to either, then do it. Believe in yourself because you really do have the ability to make it happen.

AYK 7 for The Hip Kid Blog

THK: What’s next for AYK or Angie Kim?

Kickstarter has been a wonderful platform in so many ways. It’s pushed me to articulate the vision and story behind AYK, and allow the customer to be a part of the journey. As a one-woman ship at the moment, it holds me accountable to delivering quality products to the people who’ve invested in me and my passion. There is one week left until the campaign closes, and then I’ll be off running to get these goods made and delivered. In the near future, my goal is to expand the product line, provide more color options, and get it in stores for people to pick up and enjoy.

AYK 8 for the Hip Kid Blog

AYK’s Kickstarter campaign has a couple more days left so please go and support her goal. I’m so incredibly proud and honored to call her my friend. She is truly an inspiration to all women out there who have a dream and continue to push boundaries. So what are you waiting for?!  Get out there and make it happen because you too can have it all!

Thank you Angie for allowing me to visit your studio and see your beautiful pieces in person. I can’t wait to spot all the AYK goodies out and about in the city!

AYK LLC / 1777 Yosemite Avenue Suite 235 SF CA 94124 / 415.309.1432 /


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Charming Coffee Shops in SF

Are you a coffee lover and do you live by #butfirstcoffee? If the answer is yes this post is for you. Lately I’ve been busy meeting new friends at the cutest coffee shops in SF. I don’t know if it’s just the latest trend for all these hot coffee bars to pop up but whatever the reason, I’m glad they are opening. I love all the charming details of the interiors and most of all the amazing specialty cup of joes brewed with love. I’m not coffee obsessed but I do enjoy having a good drink and enjoying the company of creative people. Here are a few that I love right now in the city. I hope you can take some ME time to visit one of these spots!

Happy Drinking!

Russian Hill: Saint Frank Coffee 

Saint frank

Inner Sunset: Hollow  


Cow Hollow: Wrecking Ball 

Wrecking Ball

Alamo Square: The Mill    

The Mill

Mission: Stable Cafe   


Soma: Sightglass Coffee   


Outer Sunset: Andytown Coffee Roasters


[Post by Samantha Du Quan & images via: Saint Frank, Hollow 1 and 2, Wrecking Ball, The Mill, Stable Cafe, Sightglass Coffee, Andytown Roasters 1 and 2]

Lunar New Year 2015

lny1One of the things we did to celebrate the Lunar New Year was to go to the Botanical Gardens. It is free for local residents and is absolutely one of our favorite places to go in the city. So many things to see and touch and the best place for a picnic. For the Lunar New Year they have free festivities for families to enjoy. There was lion dancing, craft stations, music and story time. The author was even there reading his own books and personalized every book you bought. We bought one for both of the boys. The year of the Rabbit and Sheep. Below was us making a Chinese Lantern.
lny11 IMG_9113 IMG_9129 lny2In January thru March, Magnolias are in full bloom. Seriously one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. It’s my dream to have one in my own back yard one day.
IMG_9155 lny12 lny3 lny4 lny5 If you love succulents, you have to check out their garden. These days Adidas Stan Smith is part of our daily uniform. We can walk a million miles all over the city.IMG_9120lny13

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: Chinese New Year-Sales

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A Day at the De Young Museum

IMG_8982 I often think when is a good age to start bringing your kids to an Art museum. Should I wait until elementary school or until they show interest? But the truth is I don’t think age matters. Why not start them young. Anyone can appreciate art at any age. They might just interpret things differently but they still see it all. And hello they are FREE so why not?! Well for the kids at least.

I brought Taye to the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park recently for two hours of exploration. Two hours is a long time for kids not to touch with their hands and only look with their eyes. I selfishly wanted to see the Keith Haring exhibit but it was just closed the day we got there. When we first arrived I gave him some rules to follow and he did great. (look with your eyes not with your hands, stay behind the line, and use your inside voice)

After exploring inside, we sat out in the courtyard and had some snacks. It’s a great way to end the trip while you can sit on a bench and let them run wild. Next up for us is the Asian Art Museum or SFMOMA.

DY7This pond outside of the museum is great because there are frogs and turtles in there.
DY8 IMG_8988 These beautiful benches were everywhere in the museum and with the textures, dips and curves, it was so great for a kid to touch and feel. IMG_9041 IMG_8992 I even find the stairway so tastefully created and I love all the natural light. IMG_9015When you are there don’t forget to head up to the observation deck where you get a 360 view of the city. And the hanging installation in the lobby left me speechless.
DY5 IMG_9013 IMG_9008 DY9 And here is the courtyard where there are ceramic apples placed throughout. I don’t think they were meant for climbing but how could a child resist. The cafe actually didn’t seem too pricey and had a pretty decent menu. Though we didn’t eat there we just got a few snacks. IMG_9019 DY6

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: Cabfare-Hieroglyphics



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Mini Utopia # 01

Sorry for the radio silence recently but forgive me, I’m in the works of moving to a new place so things are a bit cray right now. Today I’m super excited to introduce you to one of the brand new spankin’ series I mentioned in my last post. I’ve partnered up with the talented Mina Caragay who is the mama of the insanely adorable Layla with the best Instagram feed you must follow. If you already follow them think of this series as their feed on steroids. Each month we will feature Layla and her cute friends styled to the nines in front of a whimsical handmade set creating the coolest scenes. Why not create that imaginary world with your kids?! We hope to inspire you to have fun with your littles and give you some ideas for that next birthday party or just a fun shoot!


CCD 1 new

The Holiday season came and went, leaving behind a trail of used wrapping paper and cardboard boxes. Before they hit the recycling bins why not find a way to repurpose them. That’s how Mina came up with the idea of creating a large scale building block set. She picked up some chalkboard paint from her local Home Depot to create a canvas of endless possibilities.

In this scene, she envisioned Layla (her muse) shopping downtown in the city at night.  And what does one wear when shopping?  A Chanel Inspired look duh! The cool thing is this display also doubles up as building blocks too for hours of fun.


 Layla enjoyed playing in the new environment by stacking and knocking down the oversized blocks.  She played so hard she needed a nap!  You know the saying, “Shop till you drop!”



On Layla: Cardigan Target, Circle skirt Old Navy (similar), Shoes H&M, Purse Thrifted, Necklace- Borrowed from Mom

A big thank  you to this amazing duo for this awesome shopping adventure. I hope you enjoyed this new series and we can’t wait to share the next one with you!

♦♦Layla’s beats for Chalk City Dreams: Run the World (Girls)-Beyonce

[Images and Set created by Mina Caragay for The Hip Kid]

2015 Bring It On

Sam and TayeSo long 2014…..can’t believe it’s already the 3rd week of the new year. I’ve been off to a slow start but I’m glad it’s a new year. There were lots of really good things that happened like getting pregnant with #2 and working on some awesome projects but there were also a ton of bad things that I’m not so sad to see go. There were days where I didn’t see how I was going to survive but I’m here writing this post so I guess I’ve made it. I’m ALIVE!

Every year I make a list of goals but this year I decided not to do that. I have one rule and only ONE. To just LIVE! Take full advantage of each day whether it’s a good or bad one. There are so many things I’m super excited about for 2015. For one, I’m starting a new business with a dear friend of mine and it’s the best feeling in the world. I’ve never felt so free. I’m finally following one of my passions and it feels remarkable. Then there are several new series I’m going to introduce on this blog and I can’t wait for you to see them. I’ve partnered up with some amazing people. Oh and did I forget to mention we are moving to a new place too! Lastly, we are anxiously waiting for the arrival of our second baby boy to join our little family. We couldn’t be more excited!!! Which means more fun adventures to share on the blog.

I’m just so incredibly humbled to have this platform to express my creativity and actually have friends who are interested in following our crazy life. I am constantly learning something new in the blog world and will always keep tweaking and working on fresh new ideas. Thank you for your continuous support and I can’t wait to share another fun filled year with you all. 2015 bring it on, I’m ready for you!

See you all around the city!

SamSam and Taye

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Meet the Makers 04

Hu 1

^^Meet the Chan-Hu Family ^^

The Makers: Jeanne and George

Hip Kids: Hayden (4) and Hadley (2)

Neighborhood: Twin Peaks

It’s two days before Christmas. Can you believe that?! Today I’m super excited to introduce you to the Chan-Hu family, a real San Francisco modern day family! I’m sure many of you find one half of this couple familiar because you follow this cool mom Jeanne Chan and her stylish lifestyle blog Shop Sweet Things. As if her beautifully curated blog and two adorable daughters (Hayden and Hadley) isn’t enough in her life, she’s also the Co-founder of Lovemade  (lifestyle and design events for modern families) and Harlow & Grey coming in 2015. This lady is so driven! And let’s not forget George, her incredible husband, the other piece to this puzzle of a cute family who is a product designer for  Salesforce and totally hip in his own right.

I first met Jeanne from another close friend of mine and was immediately intrigued by her beauty inside and out. At the time I wasn’t familiar with blogs but after talking to her that night she definitely sparked my interest. I remember thinking how cool it was to meet a real life blogger doing her thing all the while being a mom. I feel real lucky to have gotten to know her and she has become a really dear friend who inspires me daily. Not only does she have incredible taste for everything in life, she’s also just a real down to earth person who strives to become better everyday for herself and her family. And doing it all with ease while looking so damn chic!

For Shop Sweet Things, she has a playdate series that allows you a sneak peek into the lives of inspiring moms but I thought it would be fun to turn the tables around. Today you get a sneak peek into Jeanne’s life with her beautiful family. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I’ve enjoyed hanging out with them. And once you are done I’m sure you would agree that this is one hip and fun-loving family!


Hu 3 Hu collage 3


THK: Describe yourself and your family.

J: I love to learn and don’t like to be content, so as a family, I like to encourage time to explore and be out and about together. We love exposing our kids to different things, from food, to places, to cultures, to people. You can also expect that we’re a family that laughs a lot.

G: I’m a technical designer by trade, goofy father to amazing lil girls and loving husband to the smartest, most beautiful, awesomest wife. (THK: Awesomest?! Isn’t he the sweetest?) Our family is very close knit, we enjoy time together, no matter where we are in the world.

Hu 16


THK: How did you two meet?

J: We met through a mutual friend in our first year of college. We were only 19 then. I had another crush at the time but that never worked out. I would’ve never guessed that George would end up being my husband and best friend.

G: We met in our freshmen year in college through a mutual friend. Our friend had a knack for skipping class. Jeanne and I both joined him one day and the rest was history. *Jeanne couldn’t keep her hands off of me so I agreed to date her. (Facts may not be entirely true and partially subjective to my imagination).


Hu collage 1


THK: What was life like before baby?

J: I almost forgot how that feels like, hah! I guess I didn’t realize how much time I had in my hands before I had a baby. We were able to be more spontaneous about going out, and we’re also able to relax right after work (which is what I miss the most). That life is behind us, yet we don’t regret a thing.

G: Lots of dining out, bars, spontaneous traveling, and tv binging.

THK: What has changed most or how has life evolved?

J: It’s weird to say, but I think my kids had made me a better woman. I want to be a good role model for them and inspire them to be their best selves. I think my professional ambitions are also driven by them.

G: Priorities in life. Planning a night out with friends or even ourselves requires advance notice.


Hu 2

THK: What about the relationship between the two of you?

J: I think our relationship has gotten even stronger after our kids. Sure we have our disagreements, but we know deep down inside that we love and trust each other, and I think that’s really important in a relationship.


Hu 27


THK: What’s the best part about being a parent?

J: Aside from all the big hugs and wet kisses, I think the best part is watching my kids grow into beautiful and healthy individuals. Right now, I love nurturing them and answering all their silly questions. And hearing them singing “Let It Go” ten times a day is annoyingly cute.

G: The unconditional love and bond with each child. There is nothing that compares to being Hayden or Hadley’s favorite person in the whole wide world.


Hu 13 Hu 4


THK: What are your favorite characteristics of your little ones?

J: For Hayden, I love that she’s very sweet and shows a lot of empathy towards other kids. She is surprisingly understanding and that quality of hers amazes me every time. She’s also very bright and asks a lot of questions.  Lately, she’s really into drawing and building Lego Friends.

G: Hayden is a very empathetic individual. She would make sure other kids are having a good time. She may have a future in product design!


Hu collage 5


J: For Hadley, I love that she looks up to her sister. She’s definitely more of a rascal than Hayden, but I think that’s just being the younger sibling. She likes to play what her sister plays and learns a lot from her as well, so I think she is a little more advance for her age. She’s also very particular and a strong-willed child.

G: Hadley is incredibly fearless. Maybe it’s her effort to keep up with her older sibling. She would often climb on top of any obstacle, call for my attention, and showcase how well she can scale the challenge.


Hu 1

THK: How do you manage your work schedules and time for your little ones?

J: I usually try to put in my work hours as if I had a real job, so when nighttime and weekends come, I can give all my attention to my family. But working for yourself is not always that easy. There are weeks where I just had to put in more hours after I put the kids to sleep, or I need to go work at a Starbucks on a weekend to get things done. I also have a very helpful mom who helps me with my kids, and a very supportive and understanding husband.


Hu collage 2


G: It’s all about strict time management. At Salesforce work/life balance is an important part of the culture. If we have a deadline, we do what it takes to complete the job. But on routine days, I leave work at work. It’s important for myself and my family to enjoy the few hours between dinner and bed time.

THK: What are your favorite family outings in the city? Favorite Restaurants?

J: We love the Golden Gate Park, hanging out either at Academy of Sciences or De Young Museum. That part of the park is just so beautiful and we can spend a good afternoon there. As for restaurant, Delfina Pizzeria (THK: one of ours too!) is our favorite hands down. I’m not sure why, but that’s the only restaurant our kids would sit completely still for a meal. Gotta be their secret sauce!

G: Our family has had an annual membership Academy of Sciences and it’s a fun ritual. Hayden and Hadley love the fishes and have even named a few. Be on the lookout for “Stripey” the Orange striped Rock Cod. Our favorite restaurant is Delfina Pizzeria. The kids know quality pizza and Delfina is probably the best in town IMHO. (THK: IMHO= In my humble/honest opinion. This one had me thinking for a bit too! What a cool dad.)

THK: Jeanne, how has your personal style changed?

I no longer spend an hour in front of my closet figuring out what to wear anymore, I just don’t have that time.  I’ve came to depend on simple and classic pieces that are more tailored for my everyday wear (think Everlane). Once in a while, I’ll buy a special piece, but it would be for a special occasion or something I really love. I’ve also gotten more picky about quality, not that I wasn’t before, but let’s just say I hardly walk into Forever21 anymore.


Hu 20Hu collage 4


THK: What are your favorite shops in the city for your kiddos?

Tantrum, Mudpie, Tug Tug, Rare Device, Mabuhay (new), and well, my kids love Target.




THK: What is the one baby product you can’t live without?

J & G: Baby wipes. It comes in handy and goes beyond wiping poo. I have to agree with George and go with baby wipes. They are so handy and we can’t ever go out without it, especially when Hadley is such a messy eater.

THK: What three words best describes your family?

Happy / Silly / Close


Hu 26


THK: If there is one song you could choose to be your family anthem, what would it be?

G: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home


THK: Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years?

J: Wow, I’ll be past 40! Hopefully, we’ll be in a bigger living space but still be in the city. Continue traveling with our girls. My goal is to travel somewhere new each year as a family. George and I also said for our 10th year anniversary, we want to take the girls back to Italy because that’s where we went for our honeymoon. In 5 years, we’ll be married for 10 years (and together for 22 years) – crazy!

G: Still in San Francisco, but in a larger home. The kids will have plenty of space to play, Jeanne will have her creative office, and I will have my man-cave.


Hu 4


THK: Any advice?

J: Having kids can make or break a relationship. Make sure to talk to your spouse often (or even before kids) on parenting style and approach. Be sure to find time alone together, this is so important. Whether it’s a date night or just going out for lunch or happy hour, it really helps to reconnect, even though all you talk about is your kids (although try not to J)

G: A year, even 5 years will pass by like a breeze. Stay in the moment and appreciate your time together. Your rugrats will be teenagers before you know it.


See what did I tell you? Didn’t you fall more in love with them! A big thank you to the Chan-Hu family for supporting my blog and allowing me to come into your home. I can’t wait for Taye to have more playdates with Hayden (his older girl crush) and Hadley. Here’s to another 10+ years of laughter and joy! Can’t wait to see your pictures of Italy in the future.


If you would like your family to be featured or nominate one that matches the aesthetics of the Hip Kid blog, please feel free to reach out to me via email or comment below. See you back next time for the next Hip family!


Happy Holidays!!


Photography by the HIP KID

A Visit to the Gingerbread House

gh 1 Each year the Fairmont hotel creates a magical Gingerbread House with thousands of home-baked gingerbread bricks and more than a ton of royal icing and candy décor. The house stands more than 22 feet high and 23 feet wide. And the house is surrounded by a ton of other beautiful holiday decor all around the hotel. They even set up a stand where you can treat yourself to hot chocolate and ginger bread cookies which are out of this world. This is something that is free and not to be missed during the holidays in San Francisco. We decided to take little man and make a day out of it.

SAMSUNG CSC Taye’s Outfit: Denim Jacket (similar) // Purple Cords // ShoesSAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Writing a letter to Santa asking for Olaf, Bicycle with pedals and a Reindeer. And he even drew a little special picture for Santa. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Everything looked so good he tried to pull it off a couple of times. I had to watch him closely.Image 1 SAMSUNG CSC Image Image 24 gh7 I actually grew up in this neighborhood, Nob Hill when I was younger. So walking around this area brought back a lot of memories. After the gingerbread house we decided to catch the Cable car down to pier to have some lunch. Any chance this little boy gets to ride the cable car is a real treat. gh5 Image 16 Image 23 The Powell and Hyde cable car takes you straight to the Buena Vista Cafe, the birth place of the Irish Coffee. Another must on your SF list of places to go. It is a bar/restaurant but because they serve food too your little ones are always welcome. They even have a kids menu. And the good news is that it’s so loud and lively in there your little gems can cry as loud as they can and no one will hear a peep. And folks you know it’s crab season so we had to order the specials. Brad had the omelette and I had the crab melt. I wished so badly I wasn’t pregnant so I could have a taste of the Irish Coffee. But the melt satisfied me just fine!SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC gh 9

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: Seasons (waiting on you)- Future Islands


A Little Fun With Our Tree

tree6Hello friends! How is the Pineapple Express storm treating you. I hope you have electricity in your house. This year we told Taye at the tree lot to pick one that was the same height as him. In the years past we have always gone to Santa’s Tree Farm to cut down a massive tree that usually was too big for our flat. This time with me being preggos and all we thought it might be better to keep things simple and small. Best idea ever because it was the perfect size for Taye to decorate. As usual we broke out the hot cocoa and turned up the classic holiday music and got straight to work. After a couple sips of hot cocoa, the kid was screaming over and over again, “I love hot chococoa!”

I always wanted a table top tree in a pot but I had a hard time finding a pot so instead I opted to personalize my tree stand with just two simple supplies. Burlap and Ribbon.

Step 1: put your tree stand on top of the middle of the burlap.

Step 2: start wrapping it up around the water pot covering it.

Step 3: use the ribbon to tie it all together.

fun tree2 I also thought it might be fun to sprinkle fake snow all over our tree and on the floor. Brad thought I was crazy. It was a bit messy but we had so much fun doing it. Besides nothing that a hand vacuum can’t handle. Taye loved it so much he started picking up the snow and dropping it over our heads saying it was snowing in our house. He even did it to his best friend Lulu. tree3 fun treeWe hope you have or had as much fun as we did decorating the tree. Happy Holidays!


the Quans


Late Night Ice Cream at Ghirardelli

IMG_8110 Sometimes it’s just fun to make old traditions new again. If you follow my blog you know how much this kid loves Easy Breezy! So since it’s the holidays and the best time to splurge, we decided to take little man to Ghirardelli Sqaure at Fisherman’s Wharf for an Ice Cream sundae. And it was also probably to feed my craving or should I say the baby’s.

Side note, I’m 18 weeks in this picture and that night I realized I couldn’t button my jacket anymore. Ugh guess I have to buy a maternity coat after all. This baby is coming fast!

Just a tip if you ever decide to go for a treat. There are two entrances to this place. The upstairs and the downstairs. You will always see a long line downstairs and probably end up waiting at least 30 minutes to get in. What you should do is go upstairs because they have the same menu and there usually is no line then head down to the cafe. The only thing is you don’t get the fancy glassware but more importantly you get the same Sundae! After we devoured our ice cream we took a walk around the square to look at the lights and the tree. Oh how I just love this time of year!

Image IMG_8109 IMG_8107 I think it’s safe to say he really enjoyed himself. Image 2 IMG_8091 I wonder what he wished for?! I bet it was either Disneyland, Olaf, or his new bike with pedals.IMG_8103 IMG_8104 IMG_8101 IMG_8099 IMG_8111I think this kid loves lights just as much as his mama! Hope you are all enjoying your holiday. I know it’s cold outside but bundle up and get out there!

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Annual Holiday Brunch

IMG_8142So far I’m really enjoying the holiday season, are you? I love this time of year because you get to meet up with friends and family to celebrate by eating. This is the third year of our Annual holiday brunch with the Wicklands at the Presidio Social Club. I met my dear friend Christine about 10 years ago while working at Nordstrom. She has since become a very dear friend of mine. Just a beautiful person inside and out. I can always count on her to be there for me no matter near or far. I find it rare to meet new people at an older age and really stay connected with them.

She now has a family of her own and lives in Seattle but we try to get together for this brunch every year to catch up and meet any new additions to either family. This year we got to meet Lucas their first born. It was such a treat and he was such a good baby. I can’t wait for next year already when we will be adding one more to the brunch. Also we can’t wait to visit Seattle after number two arrives to visit old friends and my old home.

IMG_8135Beautiful Wicklands! Heart their faces!!!
brunch Image Image 4 10421582_10152596025538823_8984098028677925901_n Someone didn’t want to take a picture and was hiding behind his umbrella!10846163_10152596025503823_7628370746246242279_n Image 6 Image 10


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Happy Thanksgiving


I’m always thankful for everything in my life but this year, I am most thankful to all you friends who have supported me through this blog journey for the last year. I feel incredibly grateful and can not wait to share more adventures. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. Eat well and stay safe!

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From the Weekend

wkd 1 Just wanted to share a couple pictures of our adventures from this past weekend. We got a mix of rain one day then sunshine the next. Strange but that didn’t stop us from having fun. These pictures are bittersweet for me. I’m so amazed by how much little man has grown. He looks like such a big boy now but his personality continues to shine! I swear no one can make us laugh like he does. We are lucky to live in a city where there is a bunch of places to go and things to do even in the rain. One of our favorites is the California Academy of Sciences. We are members so we always try to get our money’s worth. And we can’t wait for the reindeers and snow to arrive any minute now!wkd 2 wkd 3wkd 4As we were walking out we found a dinosaur foot on the ground. We searched high and low but we couldn’t find the dinosaur or his other foot. Below, it wouldn’t be a trip to the park without having Twirl and Dip! And how cute is this little pup? He was the sweetest and only 4 months old. wkd 5 wkd 6 Ok I’m not usually the one to give in when peanut wants to buy something at the store but this weekend, as we were walking into Nordstrom he spotted Olaf and went nuts. He was hugging him so tight I just couldn’t say No. And so he went home with us. When we got home he immediately introduced Olaf to the two other friends he sleeps with every night: Muno and Monkey. I mean look at how happy he is. I think it was worth it. wkd 7 This is what happens when dad and son goes to breakfast without mama. That pancake sure does look good but not as delicious as Taye’s cute little face! I just want to eat him up!

wkd 8 On me: H&M sweater, Karen Walker sunnies, Mansur Gavriel bag, AG jeans [similar], Joie booties [similar]. On Taye: Beau Loves hoodie, H&M jeans, Nike Free Run.wkd 9 We didn’t get to see the tree lighting but we did get to go and enjoy the festivities during the day at Pier 39.wkd 10 wkd 11

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Just a little news!

Happy Friday friends! We have some little big news to share! Turn your volume up and press play!


Taye Lately

Image 1

This kid never fails to amaze me. He is now officially a bonafide toddler. I remember when he would koo or make sweet baby noises [where we would convince ourselves that he was really saying something]. And now he speaks to us with five or more words strung together making full sentences. And it’s all in his cute little boy voice that just makes me giggle even when he just says one word. He talks a lot. Some times a little too much. If you are having a bad day, I urge you to have a conversation with your three year old. It will be the medicine you need to put some straight up laughter in your heart and a smile on your face. 

This goes to show that kids do say the funniest things!

In the car:

Taye: Mama why do you drive so slow?

Cause I’m old!

Taye: Can I drive right now?

You are too young maybe when you get older.

Taye: But I’m not young. If you are old then I’m new.

Taye: And when I get old I will drive slow when you are in the car but when you are not I will drive fast like Appa [his dad].

At his school:

Do you like my new haircut? (I got new bangs)

Taye: Yes but why did you do that?

I was dying hysterically!!

At the dinner table:

Brad: Thanks for making dinner Taye! It’s delicious.

[Brad starts eating a piece of bread]

Taye: Hey that’s mine.

Brad: we share as a family and there’s another piece for you.

Taye: But I want this piece. [grabs it out of Brad’s mouth]

Brad: That’s not nice and you can’t have bread until you finish your dinner

Taye: Well I’m not making you a nice dinner again.

In the morning:

Good morning Taye!

Taye: Good morning mama is it time to wake up?

Yes are you ready for school?

Taye: Mama you are the queen of my heart.

Apparently his dad has been singing Mama by Boyz to Men with him!

At Grandma’s house:

Stop screaming Taye you have to use your inside voice.

Taye: I can’t because I don’t know how to scream softly.

Conversation with his cousin:

His cousin received a timeout and was sitting alone.

Taye: [whishpering] Are you ok Jack?

Jack: No I’m not

Taye: What’s wrong?

Jack: He hit me

Taye: Where?

Jack:  [points to his butt] Right here

Taye: Don’t worry I will kiss it

Jack: ok

Taye goes over and kisses his butt and says it will be ok.

Again at dinner:

Taye: can I put this chicken in my soup.

I don’t suggest you do that because it will taste funny.

Taye: when I was younger, I use to put chicken in my soup.

[Laughing] you are still young and you are only three.

Taye: I mean when I was a baby I use to do that.





A look back at Halloween

h14h3I know Halloween is ancient news now since we are in the middle of November but I just wanted to share some fun pictures of little man’s adventures from the spooky holiday. He had so many parties to go to and it was fun to see that for the first year he understood the idea of dressing up and collecting candy. We took him out to Belvedere street in Cole Valley  and I gotta say it was a bit nuts. We got there around 6:45 PM which was a little later than we wanted to get out and it was already jammed pack with people. It was really cool to see all the homes all decked out in full spirit. I was amazed that Taye was not scared by any of the spookiness. He was actually really brave and approached all the scary characters passing out candy by himself. Proud mama! I think he was motivated by the candy though. This year Taye wore the same Jake the Pirate costume for all events. I think next year, I will let him have 2 costumes to play around with.
h1 h2 SAMSUNG CSC h4 h5 h7 SAMSUNG CSCh8


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Pumpkin Patch 2014

SAMSUNG CSCVisiting the Pumpkin patch this year was a lot of fun because there were three little monsters in tow. We normally would go to Lemo’s farm in Half Moon Bay but the thought of being stuck in traffic for an hour was not tempting. So we decided on Clancy’s Pumpking Patch in the city. We picked up a few pumpkins and took the kids on a hay ride. It only went around the parking lot 3 times but in their eyes it was a long trip around the corn field. We can’t wait for Friday when they get to trick or treat because this is the first year they understand the concept. I just have to find a way to hide all the candy from peanut and his dad!

Game 7 of the World Series is tonight. GO GIANTS!!!!!!!
pumpkin 1 SAMSUNG CSC pumpkin 3 SAMSUNG CSCpumpkin 2 img_2351 Image SAMSUNG CSC

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Aloha Tot Trot


Taye ran his first little marathon last month [well it was actually more like a tot trot] with all his friends from his butterfly class at school. I put lightning bolts on his shoe and told him that would make him run faster. He is generally a shy boy and takes time to warm up to things, so I really thought I was going to have to run with him. He was holding my hand very tightly in the beginning on the sidelines but as soon as they counted 1,2, 3 start, he let go and ran his little heart out. He was weaving around other kids and parents like a real track star. I had to run along  the sidelines as fast as I could just to be sure I caught him at the finish line. He was super fast that he actually came in first! I was so proud. I’m super competitive so I’m glad he is too.

Disclosure: To all the other parents at Taye’s future sporting events, don’t say I didn’t warn you but yes, I will be that obnoxious mom cheering and yelling as loud as I can. Maybe even at your child or the referee. Sorry in advance.

He was really excited to receive a medal too. It was so much fun we can’t wait to do it again next year!IMG_7103taye IMG_7115 IMG_7136 IMG_7342 IMG_7154 IMG_7341

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Meet the Makers 03

Rice Family

^^Meet the Rice Family ^^

The Makers: Matthew and Annalise

Hip Kid: Leo Jameson (8 months), ZZ the doggy and Roxie the cat

Neighborhood: The Mission

Happy Friday friends! It’s that time again to introduce to you another amazing family that lives in the city. Meet Matthew and Annalise Rice and their adorable little man Leo. Oh and we can’t forget their first furry babies ZZ and Roxie. I have to admit one of the best parts about writing this blog has been meeting these amazing people and their cute little ones. I was introduced to Annalise from Mina, you remember her from the last family I shared.

Annalise is a visual manager and Matthew owns a Toy business featuring Kendamas. If Annalise looks a bit familiar it’s probably because you recognize her from her own blog, Hummingbird Girls. When I sat down to have coffee with her I couldn’t believe how easy going and incredibly sweet she is. She brings a certain calmness to things. In tow was her little man Leo and she was just so relaxed and made motherhood look so easy. Something I know I strive for. It was so much fun to get to know these three when I spent the morning with them. They truly are the epitome of a hip and cool young family. They are both people who continue to surprise you when you get to know them a bit more. Just the kind of people I love to meet! Their hobbies and jobs are so interesting it makes you question what’s cool about your own life. And their charming home was decorated with so much love and personality. It’s great to see families like these who are not living the conventional suburban life but much more content about living an urban and modern one.


THK: In your own words, describe your adorable family.

We are a pretty laid back family that likes to have fun and spend time together. We love listening to new music, walking around our neighborhood with our dog and getting out into nature in the Bay Area.

Rice Rice

THK: How did you two meet?

Well, this is really going to age us, but we met on MySpace. Haha. I “made the first move” and messaged him about some of his film work and photography that he was studying in school. After talking online for about three months we decided to meet and from that day on we were inseparable.  We’ve been married for almost two years but together over 10 years.

rice rice

THK: What was life like before baby?

More spontaneous. We used to sleep in on the weekends and then decide what we wanted to do and just go do it.  We loved going out to music shows/bars and seeing our favorite bands. Matthew is really active so he would spend a lot of time skim boarding, surfing, skating, and playing kendama. I ran a vintage fashion blog with my friend and we would spend hours driving to rural communities to go thrift shopping and then photographing our vintage finds and outfits. I also spent my free time writing letters and making art for my pen pals. At one point I had over 20 and we would send each other huge packages of art booklets that get passed around between swappers.


THK: What has changed most or how has life evolved?

We definitely stick a little closer to home these days. It’s hard to just get up and go with a baby, so unless we have something planned we enjoy simply walking around our neighborhood and spending time together. There are always great events and festivals that happen in the city. We are lucky that he is a really good baby and enjoys going to parties and meeting new people. We can pretty much take him wherever we want to go most of the time. Last month we went to a party for a friend that was at a brew house in Burlingame. Less than 2 minutes after arriving and saying hello to everyone out on the back patio area an employee came over to us and said we had to leave because there was no one under 21 allowed. We were a little stunned at first since it wasn’t like Leo was about to whip out his fake id and get trashed, but everyone we were with thought it was so lame we all left and went to another place next door and had a great night. So really, we pretty much keep doing what we want to do and Leo fits right in.

rice 17

THK: What are your favorite characteristics of your little one?

His smile is totally amazing and infectious and when he smiles you just have to smile back. Even when you’re tired and fed up, he smiles at you and suddenly everything is worth it. We are also really impressed with his determination. He started crawling and pulling himself up pretty early. When he sees something he wants, usually a cell phone or remote control, he will do whatever it takes to get it. I always feel like I need to knock on wood but Leo is such a great baby! He doesn’t seem to be bothered by crowds or loud environments. On Tuesdays we go to a Kendama meetup at San Franpsycho on Divisidero St and he loves watching everyone play kendama and hangout.

Rice Family Rice family

THK: How do you manage your work schedules and time for your little one?

We are pretty lucky that Matthew mostly creates his own schedule so he is able to spend the mornings with Leo. I work really early, but that means I’m home early too. So we just need a nanny for a few hours a day. Evenings are fun when we spend time together at home, or walking with Leo and ZZ around the neighborhood.


THK: What are your favorite family outings in the city?

The Mission is such a great neighborhood, though it has changed a lot in that last seven years since we first moved here. There are great restaurants, interesting shops and wonderful little parks all in easy walking distance. Plus the weather is always great here so there’s not much reason to venture to the colder, hillier areas of the city when we have everything we need right here! We do love going to Baker Beach or Ocean Beach. Matthew skims and Leo and I hang out in our beach tent. We have friends in different areas of the city as well so we love going to dinner parties and play dates.

rice 18

THK: Annalise, how has your personal style changed?

As I mentioned earlier I used to run a vintage fashion blog, and lot of my wardrobe was vintage. Well, as we all know, after giving birth your body shape changes. A lot of my vintage clothes aren’t comfortable for breastfeeding or crawling around on the floor. I used to wear dresses all the time but now I’m more of a jeans girl.

rice socks rice

THK: What is the one baby product you can live without?

Pacifiers! We have quite a few but somehow they will all go missing at the same time and then we’re rushing around looking under all the furniture to find one. Leo loves his pacifier and usually has two in his crib so he can always find one easily. It calms him down instantly.

THK: What three words best describes your family?

Easy-going, silly, and nerdy.


THK: If there was a song you could choose to be your family anthem, what would it be?

It’s Been a Hard Days Night by The Beatles. :)

THK: Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years?

That’s a tough question right now and one we are trying to figure out for ourselves. Right now Leo sleeps in a crib in our room, and living in a one bedroom apartment won’t work for us forever. We love our neighborhood but I don’t think we will be able to afford to live here when we need to find a two bedroom. My sister lives in Portland, OR. and Matthew’s brother lives in Oswego, NY. so we have a few options to consider. And maybe in 5 years Leo will be a big brother.


THK: Any advice?

If you’ve been thinking of starting a family but want to be “ready” fiscally or whatever, just go for it. You’ll never feel totally ready, but you can make it work for you and your lifestyle. It’s amazing bringing a tiny human into the world and you’ll never be the same. Having a child is a life changing event, but we are still ourselves and are living the life we want to.


A big thank you to the Rice family for supporting me and allowing me to come into your home. I can’t wait to see Leo schooling everyone with his Kendama one day! If you would like your family to be featured or nominate one that matches the aesthetics of the Hip Kid blog, please feel free to reach out to me via email [] or comment below. See you back next time for the next Hip family!

A Whirlwind of Emotions


Happy Friday! Not so happy for me.

Taye started preschool three weeks ago and I honestly thought he would be getting the hang of things by now. This morning was one of the toughest days of them all so far. The last couple of times I dropped him off he would cry but not uncontrollably. This morning he ran out the classroom door and ran straight for the gate. As I walked over to console him and tried to walk him back in he was kicking and screaming, saying he didn’t want to go to school. This just completely broke my heart. My eyes welled up and I was ready to breakdown from frustration, guilt and all the other things going on in my life. As I watched him cry, all these guilty thoughts ran through my head, “Maybe he’s just not emotionally ready? What did I do wrong as a parent? How could of I prepared him more for this transition?” And the funny thing is he always seems to be the only child with separation anxiety. I look around and never seem to see any other kids crying which makes me feel even worse. When the teacher finally took him from my arms, I said my goodbyes and walked away without looking back. All I could hear was him screaming, “Mama, I want my mommy!” So what did I do when I got back to my car? I cried. Yup for the entire car ride.

I know I generally post light hearted things on this blog because I try not to get too personal but this goes to show that my life is not perfect and I’m definitely not  a perfect parent. [not that I ever wanted you to think that] I have to admit, these past couple of weeks has been really rough for me emotionally. I’ve had so many recent life changing moments that it’s been an emotional whirlwind. I mean when it rains it really pours. The hardest job in this world is being a parent hands down. It’s so hard to put on a strong face in front of my kid when all you feel inside is sadness and defeat. It’s hard enough to pick yourself up during rough times but to do it only when your kid is not around makes the process ten times tougher. What I don’t want is to let him see that I feel sad. Not that showing emotion is bad but I don’t want him to think in any way that he is responsible for my emotions. My job is to protect him and make him feel as if he has nothing to worry about. But how do you do that without sacrificing your own sanity? This is currently my struggle.

Image 11

The picture above is on the first day when his dad picked him up. He was all smiles which made me feel a little more secure. The picture above that was when we dropped him off that first day. This was obviously before the waterworks. Image 16 Image 3 Image 8After he finished his first day, Brad took him to the park and for Ice Cream as a reward for doing such a great job. I mean look at his smile, it’s so hard to see that my happy little boy is not so happy when I leave him. But it’s what we do as mothers right?! We have to be the strong even when we feel weak. I’m trying my best to stay positive because I know deep down inside all this pain right now is leading to a big reward. Lucky for me I have my husband by my side but to all those single parents out there [one being the strongest woman I know-my mom] thank you for doing the hardest job in the world alone and making it look so easy. i love you mom and sorry if I ever gave you a hard time. Ok I think I’ve rambled enough. Thank you so much for listening.

Have a great weekend!

A Day at Tilden Park


If you can name one toddler boy who doesn’t love trains, I will give you five dollars. Bet you can’t! Just like the rest of them, Taye absolutely loves trains. When we go to the SF Zoo he makes us ride the train at least 2 times. So during the summer we love hitting up Tilden Park in the East Bay. They have two sets of steamer train rides, the bigger one is about 10 minutes long.Which is more like forever to a kid. Also it’s much cheaper than the ride at the Zoo. The park also has a Merry Go Round, an animal farm, a Botanic Garden, a playground and tons of great areas for family picnics. IMG_6228IMG_6229IMG_6231IMG_6236Tilden3

Look at that face! He had the biggest smile and could not stop screaming. Oh and they let your favorite little furry friends ride along on the train too. So great for Taye and his bff. This little boy loves his dog!

tildenIMG_6245PicMonkey CollageIMG_6285

Taye really wanted to feed the pig at Little Farm. Who am I kidding so did I. I think our family loves animals so much we probably could stay there feeding the animals for hours. It never gets old.

Tilden 1IMG_6306Image

♦♦  Taye’s beats for the day: Let’s be Still- The Head and the Heart

Mini Photo Session with my little man

post 1How is your week going? Fantastic I hope. Just wanted to share a couple of my favorite pics from a mini photo session I had in one of my favorite SF neighborhoods, Hayes Valley. I’m generally very camera shy and usually take awkward pictures so I was really surprised how well they turned out. I know that sounds weird because this blog is filled with pictures of us but I guess I’m good at faking it. I especially love the candid moments he caught between me and my little man. Big thank you to Tyler and Kate for boosting this mom’s confidence with your amazing shots.
022020012post 309 post 2

Link Love 8.26.14

Link Love 2

[Left to right]

ONE: Really interesting article about the correlation between first born girls and divorce.

TWO: My dear friend Jeanne Chan recently started Lovemade, a new event series for the modern mom. Check out their amazing workshops.

THREE: I love wall art and Laura Blythman is not to be missed.

FOUR: We all know SF is expensive so I was looking at shared room inspirations for when I have more than one kiddo. This read from Mother Mag was perfect!

FIVE: I can’t wait to try this with Taye next weekend.

SIX: I love Rag and Bone‘s new pop up shop at Nordstrom going on Aug 8-Sep 7.

SEVEN: Great product for new moms with babies that are teething.

EIGHT: If you are obsessed with shopping for your kids, you must check out Little Gatherer. These sisters have great taste.

NINE: I’m going to attempt these nails.

[all pictures are from the featured sites]

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