Taye’s First Movie

movie 2

Before kids going to a movie was something that required no thought but after kids it requires a lot more brain power. Brad has been wanting to take Taye since he was two but I didn’t think he was ready. And now since we’ve watched Big Hero Six over a million times at home and knowing the kid can sit through the entire thing without blinking every single time, I knew he was finally ready.

We’ve been wanting to take Taye to watch Inside Out but with baby O, it has been super hard to spend time with just the 3 of us. So when my mom finally offered to watch him, we jumped at the chance to do it. There’s a little mom and pop theatre in our neighborhood that is within walking distance so we decided to take him there. On the entire walk there he kept saying, “this is the best day ever!”

I think it’s easy for second time parents to neglect spending quality time with your first born especially for moms. It’s only natural that most of your time is devoted to caring for your new born baby. So I have to constantly remind myself to set aside time for just me and Taye. Taking him to his first movie was a perfect memorable event to remind him nothing has changed.

movie 1 movie 3 movie 4


Five useful tips for taking your kids to their first movie:

+ Figure out if they are really ready? Can they sit through a movie at home without being distracted? Are they afraid of the dark? These are just some things that you should ask yourself.

+ Ask them to use the bathroom during the ads and trailers.  Chances are they won’t sit still during this time anyways because it’s not something that interest them. Poor Taye was so afraid to speak up during the middle of the movie so he tried to hold his pee. It wasn’t until I got up when he finally told me he had to go too.

+ Be prepared to leave at any given moment if things don’t go right. You don’t want to be the parents that every movie goer hate.

+ Choose an appropriate movie. Do your research. We thought Inside out was fitting but it turned out to be more of an adult movie. A short animated film probably is the best to start with.

+ Timing. Do it earlier in the day when they are happier and have more energy. During nap time or late at night will probably give you an early exit to the movie.


movie 10 movie 8 movie 7 movie 6



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Another Year, Another Birthday

bday 7


Okay so I had a month long celebration for my birthday but not by my choice. I tell you why it was a month long. I think everyone around me used my birthday as an excuse to get together to do things especially my girlfriends. I didn’t mind it though because I got some great meals and big fun out of it. But if it was left to me I wouldn’t do anything. The perfect celebration would be a quiet night at home with my boys.

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Babies, Girlfriends and Picnics


During my childhood, hands down Full House was one of the best shows on T.V. I always wanted to be DJ Tanner and wished uncle Jesse could be my uncle. I mean come on it was based in San Francisco and one of the painted ladies was used in the intro as their home. How could a native like me not be into something like that?! So when I was looking for a good park for a picnic with my girlfriends and their tots, Alamo Square right in front of the painted ladies was the perfect spot.

It’s crazy that the four of us all had our second and third child only months apart and unplanned. Lucky right? Not only did we watch one another grow up but now we  get to experience motherhood together. So we try to take advantage of this time in our lives to get together with the kids as much as possible. This way they grow up close and become best buds just like their mamas. Well at least that’s what we hope for.
KDS_7594 KDS_7543 KDS_7491


I went to Trader Joe’s and spent only $35 for everything. I picked up some cold cuts, fruit, cheese (they have a mushroom Brie that is insanely good), bread/crackers and drinks. I don’t think picnics have to be fancy and over complicated. One of the best things to do if you want to keep it easy and simple is having a potluck. My girlfriends and I usually do that for most get togethers. A good tip I learned is to use your flat sheets (obviously ones that you don’t plan on using on the bed) in place of a blanket or mat. They are usually bigger in size and can easily go in the wash after being used.

I also cut and washed everything the night before and put it all into one big container. It’s so much easier to transport this way. Bring two cutting boards and you have yourself large enough surfaces to layout all your food. It also looks so much cuter this way.


KDS_7800KDS_7612 KDS_7635 KDS_7675 KDS_7731-2 KDS_7693KDS_7883 KDS_7842 alamo square kids 2KDS_7877

Look at these guys horsing around. It made me so happy to watch them play so well together. Such hams! They don’t know it yet but when they get older they will understand how lucky they are to have one another. It’s not always going to be easy for them to make new friends when they start school but at least this way they have each other.

KDS_7737 KDS_7936 KDS_7473 KDS_7932

My gf scored this awesome tee at the Renegade Craft Fair. It’s from Saffron and Kumquats. So fitting for the occasion.

♦♦ Our beats for the day: Let me In-GroupLove


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His & Hers 03: Merci

HKB.farmers.29 HKB.farmers.37

Some Saturdays during the summer you will find us at the Ferry building farmer’s market where we like to eat lunch. We can usually count on the weather to be 10 degrees higher than by our house. It’s also a great place to pick up fresh flowers.

Lately, Taye and I have been living in our new Hugo loves Tiki sweatshirts. SF natives know that no matter how hot the day may be, it is always smart to bring an extra layer. Our weather is so unpredictable that it could be warm in the morning but as soon as Karl the fog rolls in, everything changes. Visitors: you’re welcome. You will thank me later for this tip.

HKB.farmers.17 HKB.farmers.6 HKB.farmers.4 HKB.farmers.3 HKB.farmers.31HKB.farmers.12HKB.farmers.15

Pressed Juicery is always a must when we are there! Below little man has been obsessed with basketball. Probably more so since the Warriors won the championship. So as you can see he’s practicing his moves in those pics. The jumping one is one of my all time favs.

Merci3HKB.farmers.26HKB.farmers.34 HKB.farmers.20

On Taye || Sweatshirt: Hugo loves Tiki; Tee: Freshly picked (old); Shorts: Zara (old) On me || sweatshirt: Hugo Loves Tiki; shoes: Stan Smith; tote: Apolis



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Fourth of July in Tahoe

4th 9

For this Fourth of July we took a trip to Tahoe to celebrate. It was the first time traveling with both kids on a long drive. I was a bit nervous but it wasn’t that bad getting there. Coming back was another story. [let’s just say it took about 7 hours for us to get home and 6 1/2 of those hours I spent wanting to pull every strand of my hair out] We headed out at 9PM to allow for the kids to fall asleep in the car. Both kids were knocked out after an hour or so but the tough thing was we were super tired too. And being a holiday weekend there were more cars than usual so there was a bit of traffic.

We have never been to Lake Tahoe for the fourth so when we heard we could watch the fireworks on a beach we immediately knew it was going to be a good idea. And the idea sounded even better when we were able to stay in a friend’s cabin in the Northstar resort. We spent the weekend with 3 other families so the house was full of kids. It was awesome to be able to spend some relaxing time while the kids entertained themselves.

4th 3 4th

We spent Friday at Kings Beach. It wasn’t overly crowded so it was nice. We easily found a spot and parked our selves there until 9:30PM for the fireworks. This way the kiddos got some water time before the show. I wasn’t sure how they were going to do but they both hung in there like champs and made it through the night.

4th 13 4th 4 4th 24th 10 4th 15 4th 11 4th 5 4th 12 4th 14

This little guy was such a trooper. He slept most of the time [even through the fireworks] but it was just nice to sit with him outside on the beach. I have to say this was one of the best ways to celebrate. There is nothing like watching fireworks on a beach. One of the best experiences ever! So much so that we plan on doing this every year. And if we could actually follow this tradition it will be a real treat for the kids to get together every summer.

4th 7 4th 6

The second day was a bit dreary. It rained in the morning and the sun was pretty much non existent but it was still warm enough to get the kids outside for a swim. I really wanted to let baby O dip his toes in the pool. He seemed fine at first but after a couple of laps, he started crying. I think we need another sunnier day to figure out if he really enjoys the water. Even if he didn’t enjoy it was so darn cute to watch him get his first dip. Below you can see a picture of cool dudes hanging poolside. So there you have it. Hope you had a great holiday too.

4th 16 4th 8



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Father’s Day


This father’s day we took it easy. I planned a simple picnic for me and the boys. After living in SF all my life, I’ve never been to Billy Goat Hill but always wanted to check it out. It was super windy but still such a nice hidden gem. If you visit our city this spot is a must. I really thought there would be more people there but it was pretty empty considering it’s one of the most IG posted places for San Francisco. If you’ve seen pictures of people on a swing overlooking the city, this is the spot I’m talking about.

FD 3 FD 2 FD 8

This swing right here. You can add this photo to the many others. It’s obligatory that we take one ourselves. I love that I got little man matching wooden sunglasses as his dad. When I gave it to him he was so happy. The first thing he said was it looks just like Appa’s! My brave boy below. He’s never scared to do anything. I love that in him. I had baby O in an Ergo. Don’t attempt to ride a swing with your baby in an Ergo. I almost ate it a few times. Still managed to get a lovely capture though.

FD 9 FD 4 FD 10 FD 15

Since Goat Hill was so windy we went to one of our favorite places for a picnic. Glen park. We love the baseball diamonds and the newly remodeled playground. This is O’s first family outing where he actually got to get out of the stroller. Doesn’t he look so happy!

FD 14 FD 13 FD 16

Dinner time! We went to Shabu and went home just in time to get father/son tattoos before bed. Look at my tough boys!
FD 18


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A Little This and That

this or that 8


If you are Chinese or any kind of Asian you will feel me on this. I’ve been on house arrest for the past month and a half with the baby so I haven’t been out and about much. You see, TRADITIONAL Chinese parents believe once you have a baby you should stay home with your newborn for at least one month to three. [I mean not even stepping foot outside for a short walk] This way both you and the baby avoid catching anything from the outside world. Also you are not allowed to eat anything but chicken, ginger or pigs feet and the list goes on with these silly superstitions but that will require a whole separate post. I swear if I have to eat ginger with one more thing I’m going to grow roots out of my ass. It’s funny how things work. When I’m told to stay home all I want to do is go outside. When I have to go and run errands, all I wish for is a day at home.

So last week, I got brave and left the house for a couple of hours and  got to enjoy a little human interaction at the West Coast Craft fair. I didn’t even care which vendors were there but just the thought of being able to catch some fresh air and wander aimlessly was so enticing. Although I have to admit the game is real when you have two kids. What you use to be able to do in an hour, add another or two. Between nursing, changing diapers, going to the potty, you barely have time to do anything while out. Oh and getting two kids ready to go out is a freaking challenge. I like to film ourselves one day doing just that because I’m sure it’s hilarious because all you will see is Brad and I pacing back and forth a hundred times just because we forgot to pack something. Super hectic as all hell. But and there is a BUT, it’s all worth it just so I can go out and be a part of the real world.

I really miss going on little adventures with Taye and sharing all the fun things with you guys on this blog. But soon enough I will have two little adventurers with me roaming around the city. I honestly can’t wait for that. Just one more month! There is so much I want to show and do with Odin.

Below are a few snapshots of a little bit of this and a little of that. Just a few things that I was able to do and see within the couple of hours I was let loose out of my house.
West CoastIMG_0553 IMG_0554 this or that 2 This or that 3 this or that 4 this or that 5 this or that 6



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His & Hers 02: Mr. & Mrs. Stripes

hishers.2.47We LOVE ice cream just as much we love FRIDAYS!!!! What are your plans this weekend? We spent a day during spring break having an amazing lunch in the dog patch then headed for ice cream at Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous. Seriously one of the cutest ice cream shops in San Francisco that offer ridiculous flavors like pink Squirrel, candied violet and buttermilk lemon. I had the thai tea and salted mango and it did not disappoint. And being 8 months pregnant, hands down I was in heaven. For sure one of our favorite pastimes as a family is visiting all the ice cream shops in SF.

hishers.2.1 hishers.2.3Decisions, decisions, It was so hard to decide on what flavors (notice I said flavors, not flavor. You bet I got double scoops!) You’ll see my happy ice cream face down below.
hishers.2.10 hishers.2.11 hishers.2.13 hishers.2.23 hishers.2.29Can’t believe it’s Spring time already. Stripes is an easy staple for this time of year. I probably can safely say I have a drawer of stripes in my closet. It’s such a timeless and classic print that you can never go wrong with.

On Me// jacket: Zara; stripe dress: Madewell (similar); bracelet: Miansai; boots: Acne; Tote Bag: Cuyana

On Taye// hoody: American Apparel; stripe tee: Crewcuts (similar); jeans: Gap kids (similar); shoes: Adidas Stan Smith
hishers.2.17 hishers.2.38hishers.2.46hishers.2.50 hishers.2.52 hishers.2.54 I got photobombed by two cuties!!



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Here and There

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! We sure did. Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of things that we did here and there. We had our annual Easter Egg hunt with all of our friends. This last week was also Spring Break for our little man so I convinced my husband to take a day off during the week so we can spend some quality family time together. I’m glad I pushed because it was great to see how happy little man was when he woke up and saw both of us in bed on a weekday! He spends most of his days playing at preschool with his friends so it’s a real treat when I get to spend as much time with him as possible. Everyday during the week he would say, “thank you mama for taking me out!” My heart just melted each time. Exploring the city with a toddler being 8 months pregnant wasn’t easy but it was well worth it just to see him smile.IMG_9645 IMG_9640

Just last year he would be super scared to climb anything at the playground but since he started preschool, it has really helped him conquer his fears. Now we can’t take him to a playground without him climbing all the structures. My heart beats a little faster when I see him so high up but I’m also super proud he is becoming so fearless!
IMG_9659 Piccino IMG_9675 IMG_9685It’s not often we get to have lunch as a family on a weekday but we decided to head over to Piccino’s in the Dogpatch. A girlfriend of mine kept telling me how this was one of her favorites. Man I wished I discovered it sooner. The food was absolutely amazing and the yellow building had so much charm inside and out. If you do make it out you have to try the Mushroom Pizza with Egg! I mean just look at his face in the picture above. All the food was definitely toddler approved because he ate everything! This doesn’t always happen. After you can head next door to their coffee shop to grab a cup and sweets.
IMG_9689 IMG_9701 Image 2 IMG_9699 IMG_9703I found Ironman and Olaf eggs that we stuffed and packed in his Easter basket. Oh and I also found a Big Hero 6 sticker book in the one dollar section of Target. The kid went bonkers.

We invited T’s friends over for our annual Easter Egg hunt and potluck. We really lucked out because the weather was beautiful and the kiddos had a blast! It was also a good excuse for the parents to catch up and have a little fun of their own too. Oh and since we got him this Iron man hoody, it has been on it’s 4th day of rotation. I don’t think he’s planning on taking it off ever. IMG_9646I found this toothbrush at Target that lights up for 60 seconds to push kids to brush until the light goes off. Brad thought I was crazy when I brought it home but it was his idea to turn off the lights. It was hilarious watching Taye brush his teeth in the dark with this glowing toothbrush while he dances. He absolutely loved that thing. I wonder how long until the novelty wears off?!

All in all we had a wonderful week and spending all this time with my little man made me love him even more, If that is even really possible.


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Mini Utopia #3

Handsdown the cutest little critters in the park are your own little ones. There’s something about having your child run free in the open space through the trees and smelling the fresh scented air. We who live in San Francisco are lucky enough to have the best of both worlds. We get the urban living of a metropolis city but also have Golden Gate park at our disposal for an outdoor adventure.

For this Mini Utopia, Layla invited her little friends who got dressed up for a woodsy gathering in the park. Mina and her good friend Annalise of The Hummingbird Girls blog got together and created a woodland Critter theme that is too cute for words. They are fortunate to have a great group of moms with toddlers all around the same age who get to hang out and create fun memories like this.

Mini Utopia 3

Mini Utopia 3

A few props were made for the big day, which included critter mask on sticks and ear head bands to incorporate nature inspired items that would be fun for the kids and just cute for pictures. For snack time, they put together a toddler trail mix, fresh fruit and juice boxes.  Annalise also baked the most delicious looking toadstool mushroom cupcakes that were loved by the adults too, which were placed on a wood tiered platter that Mina handmade.  You never know what kind of a hungry mood a toddler will be in but one thing is for sure, this play date packed with adorableness and excitement!

Image 10 Mini Utopia

On Layla//Dress: Old Navy (similar) ; Cardigan: H & M; Raccoon socks: Little Circus; Kitty Shoes: Mini Melissa from Nordstrom

Mini Utopia 3

Mini Utopia

On Leo//Fox shirt: Zebi Baby from Heartfelt SF; Jacket: Gap (similar); Pants: Gap (similar); Moccasins: Bobux from Aldea Ninos Shop

Mini Utopia Mini Utopia Mini Utopia

On Matthew//Cardigan: Baby by Lindex; Tee: Gap (similar); Pants: KappAhl; Shoes: Gap On Enzo// Tee: Old Navy; Shoes: Nike Kids

mini u Mini UtopiaMini Utopia

Thanks again to Mina and Annalise for another cute overload feature! I wonder what Layla’s big adventure will be for next month?!

♦♦ Layla’s beats for her critter party: The Woods-Hollow Coves


[Set created by Mina and Annalise for the Hip Kid. All photos by Kirstina Sang, Linda T and Rocio Pearce]

His & Hers 01: Checking out Sutro Baths

His and Hers 01

Remember in the beginning of the year I told you I would be introducing a couple of new series?! Well friends, this is the first post of “His & Hers” where style meets adventure. Call it our version of #ootd mama and kid style.

We took a little morning hike around Sutro Baths at Ocean Beach in our Vans Checkerboards to look for Dinosaurs and eggs. And of course we don’t go anywhere without Ironman. They really have done a great job of  revamping this place up. I remember when I use to come here as a teenager all the trails were  rocky and you had to climb at your own risk. Now it’s beautifully landscaped with proper trails and a look out building. Can’t believe in another month I will be hiking with two boys! Ah life is pretty damn sweet.

His and Hers 01: 02/17 His and Hers 01-03/17 His and Hers 01: 04/17 His and Hers 01: 05/17 His and Hers 01: 06/17 His and Hers 01: 07/17 His and Hers 01: 07/17 His and Hers 01: 08/17 His and Hers 01: 09/17 See Ironman goes wherever we go. Although most of the time he ends up in my purse to sleep. It’s all about super heroes and dinosaurs right now. His and Hers 01: 10/17I got this adorable Pretzel Pretzel bear and pom necklace for Taye from the new Tug Tug storeHis and Hers 01: 18/19 His and Hers 01: 19/19His and Hers 01: 11/17 We found a really big dinosaur egg and hide it in a safe place in the cave. His and Hers 01: 12/17 His and Hers 01: 14/17 His and Hers 01: 15/17 His and Hers 01: 17/17

On me: beanie: Neff; sweater: Madewell old (smilier here); jeans: Asos; bag:Mansur Gavriel; shoes: Vans; necklace: One White Sunday

On Taye: hoodie; Beau Loves old (similar here); pants: Zara kids old; necklace: PretzelPretzel; shoes: Vans

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48 hours in LA

Last week I spent 48 hours in LA for a business trip for my upcoming project. Can’t quite tell you all about it just yet but I promise to give you the inside soon. We literally flew in worked, ate, slept (all for the hustle) in two days. I barely got to kick up my feet but along the way we still got to see some great things that I manage to capture. I love LA for all the creative people and places.

IMG_9199 IMG_9248 LA 3 IMG_9201 IMG_9203 IMG_9210

We got hooked up to stay at the Line in K town. It’s a super cool boutique hotel with the best dinning options like the Pot (korean food) and Commissary (healthy eating in a greenhouse). Two must eat places and you don’t have to go far. I mean where else can you get Spam, eggs and rice for breakfast?! They also have a small Poketo store in their lobby for awesome Knick Knacks.IMG_9243 IMG_9242 LA1 LA 2 IMG_9238Below is the Art District. I love Apolis and Poketo definitely two of my favorite shops to check out for inspiration.
IMG_9264 IMG_9265 IMG_9268 LA 4 LA6 LA7 LA5

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Lunar New Year 2015

lny1One of the things we did to celebrate the Lunar New Year was to go to the Botanical Gardens. It is free for local residents and is absolutely one of our favorite places to go in the city. So many things to see and touch and the best place for a picnic. For the Lunar New Year they have free festivities for families to enjoy. There was lion dancing, craft stations, music and story time. The author was even there reading his own books and personalized every book you bought. We bought one for both of the boys. The year of the Rabbit and Sheep. Below was us making a Chinese Lantern.
lny11 IMG_9113 IMG_9129 lny2In January thru March, Magnolias are in full bloom. Seriously one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. It’s my dream to have one in my own back yard one day.
IMG_9155 lny12 lny3 lny4 lny5 If you love succulents, you have to check out their garden. These days Adidas Stan Smith is part of our daily uniform. We can walk a million miles all over the city.IMG_9120lny13

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: Chinese New Year-Sales

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A Day at the De Young Museum

IMG_8982 I often think when is a good age to start bringing your kids to an Art museum. Should I wait until elementary school or until they show interest? But the truth is I don’t think age matters. Why not start them young. Anyone can appreciate art at any age. They might just interpret things differently but they still see it all. And hello they are FREE so why not?! Well for the kids at least.

I brought Taye to the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park recently for two hours of exploration. Two hours is a long time for kids not to touch with their hands and only look with their eyes. I selfishly wanted to see the Keith Haring exhibit but it was just closed the day we got there. When we first arrived I gave him some rules to follow and he did great. (look with your eyes not with your hands, stay behind the line, and use your inside voice)

After exploring inside, we sat out in the courtyard and had some snacks. It’s a great way to end the trip while you can sit on a bench and let them run wild. Next up for us is the Asian Art Museum or SFMOMA.

DY7This pond outside of the museum is great because there are frogs and turtles in there.
DY8 IMG_8988 These beautiful benches were everywhere in the museum and with the textures, dips and curves, it was so great for a kid to touch and feel. IMG_9041 IMG_8992 I even find the stairway so tastefully created and I love all the natural light. IMG_9015When you are there don’t forget to head up to the observation deck where you get a 360 view of the city. And the hanging installation in the lobby left me speechless.
DY5 IMG_9013 IMG_9008 DY9 And here is the courtyard where there are ceramic apples placed throughout. I don’t think they were meant for climbing but how could a child resist. The cafe actually didn’t seem too pricey and had a pretty decent menu. Though we didn’t eat there we just got a few snacks. IMG_9019 DY6

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: Cabfare-Hieroglyphics



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A Visit to the Gingerbread House

gh 1 Each year the Fairmont hotel creates a magical Gingerbread House with thousands of home-baked gingerbread bricks and more than a ton of royal icing and candy décor. The house stands more than 22 feet high and 23 feet wide. And the house is surrounded by a ton of other beautiful holiday decor all around the hotel. They even set up a stand where you can treat yourself to hot chocolate and ginger bread cookies which are out of this world. This is something that is free and not to be missed during the holidays in San Francisco. We decided to take little man and make a day out of it.

SAMSUNG CSC Taye’s Outfit: Denim Jacket (similar) // Purple Cords // ShoesSAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Writing a letter to Santa asking for Olaf, Bicycle with pedals and a Reindeer. And he even drew a little special picture for Santa. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Everything looked so good he tried to pull it off a couple of times. I had to watch him closely.Image 1 SAMSUNG CSC Image Image 24 gh7 I actually grew up in this neighborhood, Nob Hill when I was younger. So walking around this area brought back a lot of memories. After the gingerbread house we decided to catch the Cable car down to pier to have some lunch. Any chance this little boy gets to ride the cable car is a real treat. gh5 Image 16 Image 23 The Powell and Hyde cable car takes you straight to the Buena Vista Cafe, the birth place of the Irish Coffee. Another must on your SF list of places to go. It is a bar/restaurant but because they serve food too your little ones are always welcome. They even have a kids menu. And the good news is that it’s so loud and lively in there your little gems can cry as loud as they can and no one will hear a peep. And folks you know it’s crab season so we had to order the specials. Brad had the omelette and I had the crab melt. I wished so badly I wasn’t pregnant so I could have a taste of the Irish Coffee. But the melt satisfied me just fine!SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC gh 9

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: Seasons (waiting on you)- Future Islands


From the Weekend

wkd 1 Just wanted to share a couple pictures of our adventures from this past weekend. We got a mix of rain one day then sunshine the next. Strange but that didn’t stop us from having fun. These pictures are bittersweet for me. I’m so amazed by how much little man has grown. He looks like such a big boy now but his personality continues to shine! I swear no one can make us laugh like he does. We are lucky to live in a city where there is a bunch of places to go and things to do even in the rain. One of our favorites is the California Academy of Sciences. We are members so we always try to get our money’s worth. And we can’t wait for the reindeers and snow to arrive any minute now!wkd 2 wkd 3wkd 4As we were walking out we found a dinosaur foot on the ground. We searched high and low but we couldn’t find the dinosaur or his other foot. Below, it wouldn’t be a trip to the park without having Twirl and Dip! And how cute is this little pup? He was the sweetest and only 4 months old. wkd 5 wkd 6 Ok I’m not usually the one to give in when peanut wants to buy something at the store but this weekend, as we were walking into Nordstrom he spotted Olaf and went nuts. He was hugging him so tight I just couldn’t say No. And so he went home with us. When we got home he immediately introduced Olaf to the two other friends he sleeps with every night: Muno and Monkey. I mean look at how happy he is. I think it was worth it. wkd 7 This is what happens when dad and son goes to breakfast without mama. That pancake sure does look good but not as delicious as Taye’s cute little face! I just want to eat him up!

wkd 8 On me: H&M sweater, Karen Walker sunnies, Mansur Gavriel bag, AG jeans [similar], Joie booties [similar]. On Taye: Beau Loves hoodie, H&M jeans, Nike Free Run.wkd 9 We didn’t get to see the tree lighting but we did get to go and enjoy the festivities during the day at Pier 39.wkd 10 wkd 11

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: Riptide-Vance Joy

Yay! It’s Autumn.

IMG_7807 I love this time of year so very much. There is a crisp in the air, the beautiful orange and brown leaves falling from the trees and breaking out all the sweaters again. Although when we recently took him to our cabin in Sonora, it was definitely not sweather weather. It was around 70-75 degrees every day. We walked around in t-shirts and shorts. Nice but I was really looking forward to my autumn outfits.

We love the city but sometimes it’s just nice to take the boys out to the woods and let them explore. They go from playing with trains and balls to playing with dirt, plants and rocks. They are covered in filth when they come inside but it’s so amazing to see the smiles on their faces from their outdoor adventures.
IMG_7784 Dad and son skipping rocks! What’s kind of sad to see is how the drought has affected this pond. Normally where they are standing would be two feet of water at least. I’m really hoping for more rain this year. More rain equals more snow and snowboarding. Which means more trips to the cabin for us. IMG_7760 taye3Above, you can take these two grown kids out of the city but you can never take the kids out of our hearts! Below, how sweet is this?! He is pushing his cousin Evan on the swings. He knew how to push gently too. Such a sweet boy.taye Image 6Taye is wearing: RVCA trucker hat, Earth Cadets shirt, Zara kids pants, New balance sneakerstaye5 taye2 Image 1Above, the boys playing with the cattails. They were shoving these in each other’s faces. I loved that he brought them back and said it was for me but my allergies were going nuts. Kids at the CabinImage 8This kid loves to cook. I’m so glad he does because when he gets older he can cook for us. Here he is helping me make turkey macaroni. Look at the concentration in cutting mushrooms. Such a natural.

 ♦♦Taye’s beats for the day: Go Outside-The Cults

A look back at Halloween

h14h3I know Halloween is ancient news now since we are in the middle of November but I just wanted to share some fun pictures of little man’s adventures from the spooky holiday. He had so many parties to go to and it was fun to see that for the first year he understood the idea of dressing up and collecting candy. We took him out to Belvedere street in Cole Valley  and I gotta say it was a bit nuts. We got there around 6:45 PM which was a little later than we wanted to get out and it was already jammed pack with people. It was really cool to see all the homes all decked out in full spirit. I was amazed that Taye was not scared by any of the spookiness. He was actually really brave and approached all the scary characters passing out candy by himself. Proud mama! I think he was motivated by the candy though. This year Taye wore the same Jake the Pirate costume for all events. I think next year, I will let him have 2 costumes to play around with.
h1 h2 SAMSUNG CSC h4 h5 h7 SAMSUNG CSCh8


♦♦ Taye’s beats for Halloween: Slowed Down- Visuals

Pumpkin Patch 2014

SAMSUNG CSCVisiting the Pumpkin patch this year was a lot of fun because there were three little monsters in tow. We normally would go to Lemo’s farm in Half Moon Bay but the thought of being stuck in traffic for an hour was not tempting. So we decided on Clancy’s Pumpking Patch in the city. We picked up a few pumpkins and took the kids on a hay ride. It only went around the parking lot 3 times but in their eyes it was a long trip around the corn field. We can’t wait for Friday when they get to trick or treat because this is the first year they understand the concept. I just have to find a way to hide all the candy from peanut and his dad!

Game 7 of the World Series is tonight. GO GIANTS!!!!!!!
pumpkin 1 SAMSUNG CSC pumpkin 3 SAMSUNG CSCpumpkin 2 img_2351 Image SAMSUNG CSC

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: Is it scary/Threatened/Thriller-Michael Jackson

Aloha Tot Trot


Taye ran his first little marathon last month [well it was actually more like a tot trot] with all his friends from his butterfly class at school. I put lightning bolts on his shoe and told him that would make him run faster. He is generally a shy boy and takes time to warm up to things, so I really thought I was going to have to run with him. He was holding my hand very tightly in the beginning on the sidelines but as soon as they counted 1,2, 3 start, he let go and ran his little heart out. He was weaving around other kids and parents like a real track star. I had to run along  the sidelines as fast as I could just to be sure I caught him at the finish line. He was super fast that he actually came in first! I was so proud. I’m super competitive so I’m glad he is too.

Disclosure: To all the other parents at Taye’s future sporting events, don’t say I didn’t warn you but yes, I will be that obnoxious mom cheering and yelling as loud as I can. Maybe even at your child or the referee. Sorry in advance.

He was really excited to receive a medal too. It was so much fun we can’t wait to do it again next year!IMG_7103taye IMG_7115 IMG_7136 IMG_7342 IMG_7154 IMG_7341

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: It’s Tricky-Run DMC

A Day at Tilden Park


If you can name one toddler boy who doesn’t love trains, I will give you five dollars. Bet you can’t! Just like the rest of them, Taye absolutely loves trains. When we go to the SF Zoo he makes us ride the train at least 2 times. So during the summer we love hitting up Tilden Park in the East Bay. They have two sets of steamer train rides, the bigger one is about 10 minutes long.Which is more like forever to a kid. Also it’s much cheaper than the ride at the Zoo. The park also has a Merry Go Round, an animal farm, a Botanic Garden, a playground and tons of great areas for family picnics. IMG_6228IMG_6229IMG_6231IMG_6236Tilden3

Look at that face! He had the biggest smile and could not stop screaming. Oh and they let your favorite little furry friends ride along on the train too. So great for Taye and his bff. This little boy loves his dog!

tildenIMG_6245PicMonkey CollageIMG_6285

Taye really wanted to feed the pig at Little Farm. Who am I kidding so did I. I think our family loves animals so much we probably could stay there feeding the animals for hours. It never gets old.

Tilden 1IMG_6306Image

♦♦  Taye’s beats for the day: Let’s be Still- The Head and the Heart

Mini Photo Session with my little man

post 1How is your week going? Fantastic I hope. Just wanted to share a couple of my favorite pics from a mini photo session I had in one of my favorite SF neighborhoods, Hayes Valley. I’m generally very camera shy and usually take awkward pictures so I was really surprised how well they turned out. I know that sounds weird because this blog is filled with pictures of us but I guess I’m good at faking it. I especially love the candid moments he caught between me and my little man. Big thank you to Tyler and Kate for boosting this mom’s confidence with your amazing shots.
022020012post 309 post 2

Maui Part 3

IMG_6217Are you tired of my Maui pictures yet? I told you I took 500+. I’m sorry but nothing beats looking at pictures. I truly believe a picture captures a thousand words. It brings up all these wonderful emotions and I just love it. The one thing that was on top of my list, like 5 more notches above the rest of things to do in Maui was to go to the Bamboo Forest. You see, I’m not the type of person who can go on vacation and just sit around and do nothing. No judgement here but I like exploring. Go ahead call me a typical tourist or nomad, that’s fine. I’ll take it.

So on our last day, I was able to cross this place off my list. We traveled the windy road to Hana along highway 360 and stopped at mile marker 6.5. Once you are there, you will see plenty of cars parked along the road. There will be a small entrance and that is where you will embark on one of the most amazing hikes ever. It’s a moderate hike with some incline and be prepared to step in water. Flip flops are not advised. The trail is semi kid friendly. I would say more suitable for older kids. Although we took a chance and brought our Ergo [this thing is so superman sturdy] which I’m so glad we did. It made what may seem like a bad idea while standing at the entrance very manageable. A few more tips: bring lots of bug spray [the mosquitoes are crazy], tennis or hiking shoes with tracking, your swimsuit, and pack a lunch. You ready? Here we go!

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCMaui 2-1 SAMSUNG CSCDid I mention there are waterfalls! This was the first one we arrived at and where we decided to sit down and have some lunch. We actually found a spot in the shade that was right in front of this water fall but also had a side view of the second one further down the trail.
SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCHere is the second waterfall. It was pretty cool because all the locals were out swimming and jumping off the cliff. Below we found these two boys spear fishing for prawns. And below that is a picture of the entrance. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCOn the way back we found a coconut stand. Before Taye crashed in the car for his nap he asked us to get him a coconut. So when we saw this one we stopped and got him the biggest one we could find. Funny thing is, when he woke up I made sure to the big coconut was right in front of his face. BAM! He was pleasantly surprised. But when he tried it he actually didn’t like it. Ha more for mama!IMG_6225SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSince it was our last chance to catch the sunset, we decided to get drinks at Duke’s beach house which actually is located on our resort grounds. It was lavaflows for us and a virgin Strawberry Daiquiri for the kiddo. Then we took our drinks and sat on the lawn and watched the sun set. Definitely not a bad way to spend our last night in paradise.
SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC Image 14And so it ends. Well like all good things it must always come to an end. Mahalo Maui! We had the most incredible time and can’t wait to come back. In the works, already planning for our next trip. Bye, see you next year.

♦♦Our beats for the day: One Minute More-Capital Cities

Maui Part 2-Oluwalu Plantation House

SAMSUNG CSCThis was the whole reason we went to Maui. To witness one of my closest friends, Trang [such a gorgeous bride] get married. By far one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to. They tied the knot at Oluwalu Plantation House which sits right in front of the ocean. We got a chance to explore the entire grounds and couldn’t believe our eyes. No matter which direction you looked it was magical.
SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Image 12 SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCWalking to the pier to skip rocks. Maui 2-2 SAMSUNG CSC BphAo9oYUWzeAHd1WyxnwTnnjXjL-gfZWcPEmOzaBL8,yWUsrsF9nYU-_9FLi4MJY7J_hD5b3YLLtwynvGOrpY0 IMG_6150 SAMSUNG CSC IMG_6190 IMG_6157This was one of my favorite pictures of my boys just lounging while waiting for dinner to start. They look so handsome and dapper. IMG_6168 Image 13 IMG_6195 SAMSUNG CSC IMG_6211The happy couple, such a sweet moment. I’m so excited for you both and wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day and giving us an opportunity to take the entire family to Maui. XO

Maui Part 1

Image 1

Aloha! Our trip to Maui was once again amazing. This was our second trip as a family of three. The first time little man was only 7 months old so I was really excited to  know that this time around he would actually know what’s going on. I took about 500+ pictures so you can see why it took me so long to edit and choose my absolute favorites to share. We took this trip because my college roommate [one of my dearest friends] was getting hitched so we decided to just make it a family trip. It was kind of hard justifying spending so much money right now since we are trying to save for a house but it was money well spent. I mean how can you say no to 7 days of sun, sand and doing nothing. Although I have to admit there were times when it wasn’t very relaxing. Ok let’s be real, traveling with a kid or kids makes it a whole different kind of vacation. Juggling between nap times and meltdowns can be draining but at the end of the day I rather be dealing with that in paradise then back home anyway. And at the end of the trip, while we were leaving the condo, peanut said, “bye bye Maui, thank you.” [why is this kid so freakin’ cute] Then he asked us if we were going to come back soon. I think it’s safe to say someone has caught the travel bug!


For all you parents traveling with kids you must get these Kidz Gear Wired Headphones. They were reasonably priced, comes in bright colors and work great. Taye was a happy camper because he got to watch his favorites for most of the flight. I swear the kid didn’t even blink at times.

Our first breakfast on our Lanai, clearly you can see I was not in the mood for picture taking. We rented a condo together with my bff in Lahaina at the Honua Kai that we found on VRBO.  It was beautiful there as you can see from my pictures below. It was pretty obvious that the place was well kept. The resort sits right in front of the Kaanapali North Beach so it’s easy access and a short walk to dipping your feet in the ocean. We stayed in a 2/2 which is perfect for 2 families with kids. Also the place is pretty new so everything was clean and modern. SAMSUNG CSC Maui 1-2 IMG_5895 Maui 1-3 Image 2

When in Maui we never miss Ululani’s Shave ice. Brad caught this hilarious picture of peanut above walking away from the telephone booth. A friend of ours said we should photo shop the booth blowing up behind him like Bond. I think we must try that. We were lucky enough to catch this sunset below while waiting for our shaved ice.SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Maui 1-5 SAMSUNG CSC Maui 1-4Ahh Mama’s Fish House. In short really expensive, delicious food, dream like setting and must try at least once. It’s quite a long drive about an hour but it’s worth the trip. My favorite dish is the Mahimahi stuffed with lobster and crab, baked in a macadamia nut crust. Also you can stop by the cutest little town called Paia.

Um I spy a photo bomber in the back. Could that be daddy?! The kids loved the beach. Taye was apprehensive to get in the water at first but once he got comfortable it was so much fun watching him jump in and run away from the waves. Image 15 IMG_6127 SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCThe day we visited Sansei it was raining and there was a double rainbow right behind the restaurant. I couldn’t believe we were lucky enough to witness this. My hair was straight when we arrived at the restaurant but the rain made my curls come out hence the frowning in the picture above. I felt like Monica from that one episode of Friends. The funny thing is the same thing happened to my kid. I can totally see where he got the curly locks from. Sansei Seafood and Sushi Bar was no joke. The food is incredible. You must order the Dungeness Crab Ramen with Asian Truffle broth. I mean it was soooo good we ordered it again after we were done with our meal. There are many more pictures to come so make sure you come back for Part 2.

♦♦Our beats for Maui: Somewhere Over the Rainbow-Israel IZ Kamakawiwo’OleCrab Ramen with Asian Truffle Broth


mauiHey folks! Is it really Monday again? Where did the weekend go? Well in 24 hours my little family will be on vacation and I’m over the moon! I promised myself I would turn my brain off and just relax so that means starting tomorrow I will be on a blogcation. I won’t be posting for a week but don’t worry, I will keep in touch via my Instagram and Twitter accounts. Above is a picture of the Bamboo Forest in Maui. I hope to be standing on that path soon. Enjoy the rest of your week and I will see you back in a couple days. Aloha!


Summer Events in SF


It’s officially summer here in the city but what to do? Whether you are a local or visiting, here are a few great events with or without kids. And they are all FREE! Check it. I know we will.

→If you love walking into a sea of local market makers then you must check out Renegade Craft Fair. It will be held at Fort Mason on July 19th and 20th from 11-6 PM. Admission is free so you can save the money for all the goods you will find. Some of my favorites will be there: Bryr Clogs, Ella Lou, EllieFunDay, Petit Collage, Three Bad Seeds and many more.

→My kid is truly asian because he loves noodles. So we are super excited for the Ramen Street Festival on July 19th and 20th brought to you by the Ramen Yokocho Association. It will be from 11-6 PM on both days in Japan town. Admission is free and you can have all the ramen you can eat for $8 a bowl. Go and get your slurping on.

→We are members at the Academy of Science and no matter the season we love visiting. From May 16- Nov 30 you can catch the new exhibit, Skulls. Learn how scientists use the Academy’s vast collection of skulls to uncover clues about life on Earth. There are more than 500 skulls for adults and kids to touch, examine and interpret.

→Every family loves free live entertainment in the park. So why not head over to the Yerba Buena Garden Festival. All summer they are offering hand-picked entertainers to perform in their open air garden. The performers include classical, world, and jazz music, contemporary and traditional dance, theater, children’s and family programs and cultural events reflecting the rich cultures and creativity of the region. And if the kids aren’t tired you can head over to the Children’s Creativity Museum in the same park.

→One of my dreams is to have a movie night in my own backyard. But since I don’t have the space just yet, there is Film night in the park to make up for it. From June-Septmeber, there will be different movies played in parks all across the city. It’s free to attend and such a cute idea for date night or family night. Check out the site for movie and location schedule.

Have a blast this summer and can’t wait to see all your pictures on social media. As always you can see mine here and here. Enjoy my favorite city, San Francisco! xo

[image source]

Cabin Life


Sometimes its nice to just check out from all technology and just live life. This past weekend we took the kids to our family cabin in Sonora. As kids, Brad and his sister would spend their summers and winters there. So it was important for us to keep the tradition going. This isn’t your fancy modern Tahoe house. It’s really more of a cute modest wood cabin that probably is no bigger than 600 sq ft but it has enough space and charm for all of us to create long lasting memories.

Taye will most likely be more of a city kid but we also want him to experience the more simple life without public transportation, cars, overpopulation, and internet. I like for him to be well balanced so he understands how to survive in a metropolitan city but also can tough it out in the woods. It’s so awesome to see the boys run around the cabin playing with dirt and their trucks along the hills and just getting dirty! We can’t wait for our next trip.


[This little man was pretty excited. Can’t you tell?! He only asked if we were there yet about 10 times which made for a very long car ride at times]

[on his walk with his dad, this kid decided to pick wild flowers for me. he totally knows what I love! my smile was from ear to ear when he walked through the door with those beauties]IMG_5006 cabin5

[introducing morning baby yoga with these mini yogis. just look at those downward dogs]


[it’s the three best friends on the hammock. I would say little man is ready to be a big brother. look at the love he has for his cousin Evan. this pic definitely makes my heart smile.]Image 5 cabin3 cabin4

[at Pinecrest Lake doing some fishing and rock throwing.]cabin7cabin8[daddy teaching baby bear how to fish. he loved it but he kept asking where are the fishes. we also looked for frogs at the pond which is a first this city girl. who knew they were so loud. i heard they taste like chicken though. just kidding!]

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the weekend: A Sky Full of Stars-Coldplay

Always a Big Kid

This vid goes to show that I will never be a girly girl. Instead I will always remain a tomboy and a big kid at heart. I guess we all know what happens when Brad and I have a girl. [All hail Brienne of Tarth. If you are a fan of G.O.T. then you know what I’m talking about. LOL] Hope you are enjoying your day!

We Are So Ready for Summer!


[Don’t hate the playa, hate the game!]DSC_0132DSC_0172DSC_0179 June is almost over and we will soon be in July, my all time favorite month ever. Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday month oh and also because it’s summer time. Although the official first day of Summer is June 21st, we have already started celebrating the season early because we couldn’t wait. We are so ready! There is so much more daylight to explore and jam as much activities as you can in one day. You have swimming, water fights, eating ice cream every day & night, watermelons, beaches, the BBQs/picnics, the frolicking in the grass, all the boat and bike rides and so much more, the list can go on and on. My schedule is already packed with so much fun stuff this year, I’m dying to do it all. Time to break out the swim gear, sandals and sunscreen because it’s coming fast and you don’t want to miss it!


[this was right before I got drenched trying to sneak a picture]
IMG_4839 IMG_4914[love these boys together. always a good time]

♦♦ Taye’s beats for Summer: Rebirth of Slick-Digable Planets

My Sweet Boys!!

Ok about Mother’s Day, I know, I know you must be thinking that it was like years ago but better late than never right?! My two boys planned such an amazing fun-filled Mother’s day for me that I am still recovering from it now. It’s been hard to come up with this post because there is so much I wanted to share and talk about but I didn’t want to babble. They really made me feel special and loved. I get happy and giddy just thinking about that weekend.

My day started with a nice picnic at Crissy Fields. The weather was gorgeous. I was fed, got to relax and just hang with my boys. Wait I totally forgot that my weekend celebration actually started with these beautiful flowers after a long hour of peaceful me time. After the picnic, I got to go home and do absolutely nothing but to get pretty before my surprise dinner. They took me to one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Foreign Cinema. I bet you never knew this place was kid friendly judging by the fancy décor. Well it is and in fact really open to kids. They even have a 3 course kid menu. And every night when it gets dark they play a movie on their brick wall. Seriously what a dream! I really want that in my back yard one day. And if that wasn’t enough queen bee treatment, they managed to also surprise me with a new Clare Vivier Wallet. What can I say? I’m a really lucky gal who has the sweetest boys and I love them dearly. Life is wonderful because of them!

IMG_4475 Mother's day1 IMG_4509 mother 4 Mother's day 2 mother 3

[These two pics above were taken by my little photog. He has such talent and I’m so happy that he shows so much interest in photography. Well maybe it’s more like an obsession with the iPhone. In any case, I can’t wait to share my camera collection with him as he gets older. Hopefully he will be willing to go with me to search for more.]mother 6 IMG_4524 mother7 IMG_4526 IMG_4544

[They also have a cool Modern art gallery in their space that you can admire or rent for private events.]IMG_4547

[What a cutie! Walking out the door with swagger and like a boss! Love him!]

♦♦ My beats for the day: Sweetest Thing- Lauryn Hill

All Aboard the Choo Choo Train


Last weekend we traveled to Sacramento for a baby shower. It’s about an hour and a half away from San Francisco so we decided to spend the entire day there. It wasn’t hard to find something to do because Taye’s obsession lead us to the California Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento. To be honest I thought it was going to be a snooze fest but it was pretty damn cool. Even someone like me who is not in love with trains can appreciate it. The highlight for me was seeing my little man’s face light up as he walked inside. DSC_0360 DSC_0366 DSC_0369 Sac1 Sac2 Sac3 DSC_0409 DSC_0429

[Peanut learned how to sort mail on the mail train and also got to ring the dinner chime in the dinning cart. I really appreciate all the volunteers who work there and make the visits special.]
DSC_0433 DSC_0435

[There were tons of track tables upstairs that were entirely devoted to Thomas the Train which was perfect. We got to sit back and relax while he just went nuts.]DSC_0448 DSC_0451 DSC_0456

[You can also get tickets to go on the summer excursion train rides along the river. It’s 45 minutes long [another chance to kick up your feet and relax] and runs every hour.]DSC_0464 DSC_0478 Image 3

[In the evening we ended up in Davis, my old stomping grounds during my college years. I took the boys to Mikuni for some Japanese grub. A wave of nostalgia swept over me while I was sitting there having dinner. I really miss those days when you didn’t have so many responsibilities and life was just simple. We had so much fun we decided that our next train excursion will be with Amtrak, maybe a trip on the Coast Starlight to Seattle and Portland. Stay tuned.]

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: Slave to Love- Bryan Ferry

Treasure Island Flea


Happy Monday! Hope all you beautiful mamas got spoiled rotten yesterday on Mother’s day. Just sharing a couple of pictures from one of my absolute favorite things to do. Flea Markets!! I love immersing myself into aisles and aisles of what some may call junk but I find beautiful. Brad thinks it’s a perfect setting for an episode of hoarders starring moi but I find these lost items mesmerizing. I get so much thrill from finding one of a kind goodies it’s like a drug for me. If you feel the same about them check out Treasure Island Flea every last weekend of the month. Or you could just go to hang in the sun and partake in Food Truck Fare.


[So glad we managed to get one family picture without my hair covering my face. It was super super windy but that didn’t stop us from taking pictures with our beautiful city as the backdrop.]
TI 1

[Asian kid alert! He has now mastered the peace sign in all pictures. Thanks Grandma.]DSC_0113 DSC_0148

[See what I mean?! I love love this picture of these two.]DSC_0167 DSC_0229

[Great view of the Golden Gate Bridge too! Taye loves that thing. Every time he spots it, he starts shouting “Golden Gate Bridge!”]DSC_0179

DSC_0251 DSC_0289 DSC_0311 TI2

[Found Amy Perrier from Bernal Burrow who makes custom Marquee letters. I’m thinking about getting one for Taye for his room in the future. I also found Tiny Toast who makes really cute poufs for kids but sorry I didn’t get a picture.]
DSC_0309 TI3

[Ahhh my man caught me at my finest. To the left: I call this mommytasking. Always working and doing 5 things at once. To the right: We have professional modeling. How to look windblown. Gorgeous haha]

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: Alive-Empire of the Sun

Let’s Go Giants!!!


Yes! tomorrow is finally Hump day! I get so excited when I know half the week is over. Being a full time working mom really makes you appreciate the weekends. That’s when I know I get to spend the entire day with my little man as opposed to getting in 2-3 hours in the evening before putting him to bed.  We finally got to take Taye to his first San Francisco Giants game for this season a couple of weeks ago. The boy is obsessed with baseball. He has now graduated from tee ball to full on soft pitch. We discovered we got a hitter on our hands. I got to say for a 2 1/2 yr old, he can hit the ball pretty damn hard. He’s hit a few screamers back at my husband. I’m so glad he is Athletic and has awesome hand/eye coordination. He’s so into the Giants that he calls himself Buster Posey. [his fav just like his mama] When I ask him to do something, he will say, “mama I’m not Taye, I’m Buster.” “Say Good night Buster” He calls me Panda and his dad Cain. I still wonder why he chose Panda for me. Maybe he thinks I’m round. Why not Pence or Belt? Oh well,  it does’t matter because it’s so much fun to watch him have such passion for one thing. Oh and did I tell you that the kid knows all the lyrics to “Take me out to the Ballgame” Amazing right?!

Image 7 IMG_4295

This is where he said, ” Come on panda hit it right here. Into my glove.” Seriously was an unsolicited cheer. I really don’t know where he got that idea but it was too funny and cute. Image 8 Image 9

He made friends with the bigger boys while waiting in line to play in the mini park. Posey x 3 in the house!

Image 6

What do you think about the line up?Image 10 IMG_4319

I can’t wait to go and cheer him on at all his future little league games. But he has no clue that his mama is going to be loud and obnoxious. Hopefully I don’t ever get ejected. P.S. For all Sunday Giants games, your kid can line up after the game and get a chance to run the bases. Super cool. See you at the next one and let’s Go Giants! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Spring Break: Mama and Taye Time

Where do I begin? First off, I see that you guys really enjoyed the last interview I did with our first Makers. That’s fantastic and did I ever say thank you? Well thank you a thousand times for always being so supportive of The Hip Kid. There are no words to tell you how appreciative I am. I’m excited to tell you that I have locked in my second family. I can’t tell you who it is but it’s gonna be a good one!

Last week Taye was out for Spring Break from his daycare so I took a couple of days off to spend some quality time with my little man. I know most people would take advantage of days off to veg out but for me it’s a totally different story. Any time I get days off, I start mapping out all the cool things I can do with him. Why wouldn’t I? He is one of the best partners to have when exploring our beautiful city that we love so dearly.


We are members at the Academy so I try to take him as often as possible. We were there 2 times for Spring Break because it was raining which makes it the best place to stay dry. His favorites are the Penguins, Aquarium and the Early Explorers cove. And I can barely pull him away from the Touch Tidepool every time we are there.
SP4 SP3 DSC_0296 IMG_4057Later that day we met up with the lovely Jeanne from Shop Sweet Things and her adorable daughter Hayden for a playdate at the new Glen Canyon Park playground. It’s completely brand new and a great space. Taye has always been drawn to Hayden since they first met and even though she is a year older they still play well together. I think he looks up to her as a big sister. Hayden was such a doll! She had no problem holding his hand down the slide since he was super scared to go alone. Or maybe that was his way of flirting? Who knows. Froyo from Easy Breezy was the perfect way to end their playdate. Since we discovered it last month, we have gone there a total of 5-6 times. Yup don’t judge us.

IMG_4079 IMG_4078 IMG_4067

I’ve heard so many great things about The Mill so it was time that we gave it a try. I took Taye there for breakfast and I’m so glad I did. I think he throughly enjoyed it too. Josey Baker [yes his last name really is Baker] has fresh bread coming out of the oven daily. And with it they make delicious toast 4-5 different ways. We had Walnut toast with almond butter, fresh strawberry jam and sea salt. Ah YUM! And their Almond Latte was pretty darn close to the most incredible Flat Whites I had in Australia. Taye and I can’t wait to take the husband there. Right above you can see one of the thousands of selfies that Taye took during our breakfast. This is his new found obsession. Uh-oh.

IMG_4113 SP5 SP6 SP7

We visited Appa at his work for take your kid to work day. In honor of Earth week they had Workshop SF come out and do DIY terrariums with the kids. It was so much fun and such a great idea. IMG_4132

Image Image 3

We had lunch at the Mijita in the Ferry Building. It was the first time that I had the Mushroom Quesadilla and it was BOMB! Taye really wanted to share the fresh Strawberry juice with me. Above you will see the winner for cutest little pout all because I told him he couldn’t run around the restaurant and also because I told him that the man will be coming over if he doesn’t sit down. Mean I know, but it got me this adorable picture.
IMG_4281 IMG_4273

Lastly, it wouldn’t be Spring Break without Pizzeria Delfina with grandma. If you haven’t tried it you are definitely missing out! So are you overwhelmed just reading about all the things we did. I was certainly pooped after but all the laughter and smiles all around made it well worth it.

♦♦ Taye’s beat for Spring Break: Blue Moon-Beck

Easter Funday


DSC_0135Call me cheesy but I love egg hunting. I mean what kid [or Adult] doesn’t like searching for treasures especially ones that you can eat! Before having kids my girlfriends and I would actually do the hunts with each other. So now that we have kids it’s double the fun. This year I decided to take it outside at Midtown Terrace playground and I’m so glad I did because the weather was beautiful! We couldn’t ask for a better day, it was almost a little too warm at times. I prepped 250 eggs for the hunt for about 12 kids. Yes I went a little nuts. Always better to have more than not enough when entertaining. I just didn’t want the kids walking away with only a handful in about 2 minutes of hunting like I use to.  Instead they walked away with 2 baskets worth after a 1/2 hour. It was so excessive some parents were sitting and eating out of the baskets while their kids were still hunting. It was hilarious. After we received some really nice texts and emails from some of the parents saying how much fun their kids had. This made my day. I’m so glad Taye has so many awesome friends, Aunties and Uncles to share these special occasions with.IMG_3959 DSC_0128

[All of the Easter decorations and supplies were from Target [$1 specials] and OhJoy for Target. I think I spent about less than $100 for everything.]Easter3 Easter5 Easter8

DSC_0169 DSC_0142 DSC_0155

[These two are swim buddies and here they are holding hands and playing ball. How adorable.]DSC_0213 Easter1 Easter2 IMG_3967 DSC_0184 Easter7 Easter6

[How super cute is little Evan in her Sunday best for Easter. Can’t wait for her to run around next years collecting two baskets full of eggs]DSC_0274

[You can’t be at the park without playing a little baseball. This was the funniest thing watching Matthias pitch while Taye hit the ball. These two are going to take over the field in a couple of years. Watch out SF Giants!]DSC_0269

[Thank you to all the families that came out and celebrated with us. We can’t wait to do it again next year.]Image

[Lastly, these two monkeys sneaked off to the Fire Station across the street and took the most amazing picture. Fire trucks= Happy Boys!]

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: The Mother We Share-Chvrches


San Francisco Cherry Blossom 2014


Today was the second weekend and last chance to catch the Cherry Blossom Festival. Did you go? We try to go every year. The parade was today but we were busy celebrating Easter. [post to come soon] Luckily we were able to go last weekend with some of our friends. We never miss out on the Teriyaki burgers, Spam Masubi and the Sakura popcorn. I think I’ve been going to this event since middle school. I’m not going to date myself so let’s just say it’s been many years. I can’t believe now I’m able to share this tradition with my own kid. I hope there will be many more to come so Taye can introduce this festival to his own family one day.

[the beautiful blossoms in full bloom. Brad and I really want to plant a couple of our own when we get our house]CB4 cb5

[appas and their tots]cherry-blossom-girls

[with my lovely friend, Chanelle from The Kim Chronicles and her cutie Riley]IMG_3880 cb6

[this Taiko performance was amazing. I’m so amazed at the strength and endurance these people have for the whole 1/2 hour. Just looking at them makes my arms hurt]

cb9kids cb7

[Taye loved Plunko so much he played it 4 times]IMG_3920 IMG_3908

[Love seeing my auntie Norene and uncle Ron each year selling their Maki Sushi Ki [the original wooden sushi maker]. It’s only the best invention in the world that I use for making Spam Masubi. Oh and did I mention she freakin’ cracks me up!]cb8

[pretty flowers on our way back to the car and Taye loving his wand that he won playing Plunko]


That’s a wrap until next year Cherry Blossom!

♦♦Taye’s beats for today: Sakura-Traditional Cherry Blossom Song

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

I know they say that Summer is the season where most babies are born but man I feel like Spring is taking the cake. We are not even half way into the month of April and we have already attended 3 birthday parties. I guess my friends were all getting busy the last couple of winters. Taye loves his parties which is great news. His social skills have really developed in the last year and is getting more comfortable interacting with kids when we are out. He is definitely still on the shy side but it has vastly improved. Yay for Taye! But man once the kid gets comfortable he is such a ham! It’s great to see him having so much fun. Happy birthday to all you Spring babies.Image 2

[This is Lucas turning 6! I can’t believe what a big boy he is]IMG_3689 Image 3 Image 4 IMG_3690

[What an awesome birthday party! This lucky girl had a petting zoo in her own back yard. Taye is just like his daddy and is crazy in love with animals. So when he saw the chickens and pony he was beyond himself.]
IMG_3701 IMG_3706

[chasing chickens. they were too fast for him but he gave it a good try]IMG_3740

[haha this cowboy was excited to have chocolate cake. can you tell?!]IMG_3734

[looks like the birthday girl enjoyed her cake too]IMG_3827

[here’s another Riley that had her super fun party at Junior Gym in San Mateo]
IMG_3784 IMG_3804

T-balls-1 IMG_3815

PicMonkey Collage

T-beam-1 IMG_3832 Image 5 Image 6[and lastly celebrating everybody’s Jan/Feb birthdays. Taye Taye loves his great grandma!]

We love Picnics

We love picnics!! I’m so glad the nice weather is making appearances again because it allows us to spend more time outside. We are super lucky to live in a city that has a huge green space in the middle of it. Golden Gate park has so many great spots for outdoor family fun that it’s hard to pick a favorite. But Peacock Meadows is definitely up there as one. The best part about that spot is that it’s less traveled so it’s much more private. For grub, I try to make food the night before but if I don’t have time we always stop by Courtney’s Produce in Duboce Triangle, one of the cutest mom and pop markets. Do you have any favorite spots for picnics in the city? Please do tell.

DSC_0874 DSC_0877

[newest addition to our family, my beautiful niece Evan getting some sun]


[don’t know what these two little adventurers are looking for but they sure look super cute doing it together]DSC_0886 DSC_0891 DSC_0899 DSC_0904 DSC_0907

[this is what happens when you teach your kids how to blow on dandelions but don’t tell them not to eat it. Epic parental failure but at least we got some great pics out of it]

DSC_0917[my wish: for Taye to never grow up because I love this age!]

♦♦Taye’s beats for March: Island in the Sun-Weezer

Just Egging Out


[These two boys are such a blast to watch. I’m so glad they get along so well. They are quite the dancers too! Check out this video]

I absolutely love spending time with my kid to make things. After all tapping into his curiosity is one of the most important things I can do for my child. I know it helps stimulate my brain as well. A couple of Fridays ago I decided to do a craft night for our kiddos with my girlfriend Pilar. Yes it was a little self-indulgent because it was also a great time to catch up on our own lives too. We ordered in [Korean YUM, never can turn that down] and just hung out. Pilar is a teacher and is very talented when it comes to baking and crafting. Whenever I need to get my creative juices flowing, I can count on her to come up with brilliant ideas. So when I asked her about Easter, she came up with three activities for the boys that involves eggs. At first we thought three might be pushing it given their attention spans were probably only one activity long but we actually managed to get through all three without any meltdowns. They did such an amazing job. It’s funny to watch how differently they approach the same project. Tanner is more of the get in there and get messy kind of kid where as Taye is very cautious and prefers not to get dirty. Strange because I don’t know about Pilar but I was always into getting messy and diving in with both hands as a kid. I think I still use the same approach now!

craft2 [someone was super excited to get into all the fun! how cute is this little guy?! I’m pretty sure he was on all toes just to get a peek]
craft1 crafts4 craft5


[First up-we did Dot Marker Eggs. During this one Taye was saying that he was making one for Appa and one for Mama. It was so much fun to see how into it he was. While I was trying to create patterns, my kid was going for the more abstract look. What an artist. He truly inspires me.]

craft7craft8 craft 13

[Next up-Paint-Rolling Eggs. This was pretty cool. I think the boys really enjoyed watching the egg roll around. Taye couldn’t stop shaking the tray. Tanner was hilarious, every time we turned around his egg was gone. He decided early on that he wanted to toss the egg. Forget rolling it around. That one is definitely a leader not a follower.]craft 11

[This last one was my absolute favorite! Shaving cream eggs. We basically filled the tray up with shaving cream and mixed in different colors. Then place the paper egg cut-out over it and voila you get the most beautiful looking tie dye. After we were done we told the boys to put their hands in the shaving cream to feel the texture. Of course Taye only used a couple of fingers as he carefully touched it. I on the other stuck both hands in there. Big kid alert.]craft 12

[Look at all these beautiful work of arts. Such talents.So perfect as easter decorations for our home. Thank you teacher Pilar and Tanner for a fun filled Friday evening. We can’t wait for our next craft date! xoxo S & T]