Babies, Girlfriends and Picnics


During my childhood, hands down Full House was one of the best shows on T.V. I always wanted to be DJ Tanner and wished uncle Jesse could be my uncle. I mean come on it was based in San Francisco and one of the painted ladies was used in the intro as their home. How could a native like me not be into something like that?! So when I was looking for a good park for a picnic with my girlfriends and their tots, Alamo Square right in front of the painted ladies was the perfect spot.

It’s crazy that the four of us all had our second and third child only months apart and unplanned. Lucky right? Not only did we watch one another grow up but now we  get to experience motherhood together. So we try to take advantage of this time in our lives to get together with the kids as much as possible. This way they grow up close and become best buds just like their mamas. Well at least that’s what we hope for.
KDS_7594 KDS_7543 KDS_7491


I went to Trader Joe’s and spent only $35 for everything. I picked up some cold cuts, fruit, cheese (they have a mushroom Brie that is insanely good), bread/crackers and drinks. I don’t think picnics have to be fancy and over complicated. One of the best things to do if you want to keep it easy and simple is having a potluck. My girlfriends and I usually do that for most get togethers. A good tip I learned is to use your flat sheets (obviously ones that you don’t plan on using on the bed) in place of a blanket or mat. They are usually bigger in size and can easily go in the wash after being used.

I also cut and washed everything the night before and put it all into one big container. It’s so much easier to transport this way. Bring two cutting boards and you have yourself large enough surfaces to layout all your food. It also looks so much cuter this way.


KDS_7800KDS_7612 KDS_7635 KDS_7675 KDS_7731-2 KDS_7693KDS_7883 KDS_7842 alamo square kids 2KDS_7877

Look at these guys horsing around. It made me so happy to watch them play so well together. Such hams! They don’t know it yet but when they get older they will understand how lucky they are to have one another. It’s not always going to be easy for them to make new friends when they start school but at least this way they have each other.

KDS_7737 KDS_7936 KDS_7473 KDS_7932

My gf scored this awesome tee at the Renegade Craft Fair. It’s from Saffron and Kumquats. So fitting for the occasion.

♦♦ Our beats for the day: Let me In-GroupLove


[post by Samantha Du Quan and pictures by Kirstina Sang]

Mini Utopia #6

beach babe

Happy Friday friends! Summer is absolutely one of my favorite seasons because we spend 90 percent of the time outdoors. To celebrate this time of year we decided to take Layla to the beach. As you can see Layla is definitely beach ready. What a little babe! For this shoot Mina and I used only 5 things to create this set and it all cost under $15 dollars. The waves were created by used paper bags and everything else with the exception of the watermelon is from Target. Have you checked out their outdoor section? So many goodies! side note: I even picked up beach chairs for $10. Mina thrifted her swim suit and cap but it’s actually Circo by Target. What a cutie!

beach babe5beach babe2 beach babe3

What are your plans for Summer? Any big trips? Whatever they are, have a blast and stay cool. Thank you again to Mina and Layla for playing along. Have a fantastic weekend!
beach babe 4


♦♦ Layla’s beats for the day: Beach Baby-Bon Iver



[post by Samantha Du Quan]

Mini Utopia #5

Cover TT
What is sweeter than afternoon Tea Time in the park with your favorite girlfriend? Layla’s best friend Olivia is moving away to the Big Apple so this moment is bitter sweet. To celebrate their friendship they dressed up in their Spring dresses and whimsical flower crowns [made by Mina] to sip and chat in the garden.
TT 7 TT 3
Simple props included a tea set on a colorful gingham covered play table, a garden trellis attached with a climbing rose vine, some delicious cupcakes and marshmellows of course.
TT 4 TT 5 TT 11
What they wore:
On Layla // Top: Target (similar); Skirt: H&M; Sandals: Saltwater; Flower Crown: Bohemian Garden Shop
On Olivia // Dress: Zara Kids; Cardigan: Zara Kids (similar); Sandals: Saltwater; Flower Crown: Bohemian Garden Shop

TT 10 TT 6 TT 9

This playdate makes me want to have tea time with my girlfriends too! Oh and also wear socks with my Saltwaters. A big thank you to Mina and Layla again for the most adorable garden captures of two best friends. Mina’s flower crown shop is coming soon so be sure to check it out! Have a great weekend.


♦♦ Layla and Olivia’s beats for the day: Her Tea Leaves – Iron and Wine



[ Set created by Mina Armstrong for the Hip Kid and photos by Rocio Pearce]

DIY Yarn Art



I really wanted to make something for Baby O so this idea actually came to me when I was at our cabin in Sonora. It all started when we were walking along the lake and found a ton of drift wood. I love making mobiles with drift wood! That’s when it occurred to me that I should make my own yarn art to hang in the kids room. All you need for this project is 3 items. Super easy and inexpensive. What better way to personalize your home space.


Materials and Supplies:

+ Yarn in different colors

+ Drift wood stick

+ Scissors

 Step 1: Think of your color scheme to make your yarn shopping easy.

Step 2: Measure how long you want your yarn to hang and start prepping all your pieces. This will make your process a lot more efficient.

Step 3: With each piece, make a loop on your wood and pull through. Continue with each color.


Step 4: There are so many ways to cut the bottom but I chose to do an asymmetrical bottom. I took a ruler and lined it on the yarn and began to cut. You could also just eyeball it too.

Step 5: Double knot both ends with a piece of string to make a hanger.


Hopefully this inspired you to make one of your own. Have a great week!

[post and DIY by Samantha Du Quan]


Mini Utopia # 04

AP Main 2

Hi, I’m Layla and this is my curly hair friend, Taye!

You guys I’m beyond excited for you to see this one because it features the two most adorable little peanuts we know. Yup they are our very own so yes we are totally biased. What are the chances that both Mina and I have a kid with curly hair?!! So we thought it would be super cute to have them get together for a rainy playdate in their rain boots.

The first thing that comes to mind when April starts to arrive are “April Showers.” Although I have to say there hasn’t been much of it in the bay area this year, hence the drought we are facing. In any case, Mina and I thought it would be fun to create a rainy and wet mood for these two little adventurers to explore.


On Layla // Raincoat: Target; rain boots: Mini Melissa; dress: Kira Kids


On Taye // Hoody: Beau Loves; pants: Gap Kids; rain boots and socks: Hunter (similar)

April showers 11KDS_7154-2

We knew we really wanted clouds and rain for our shoot so Mina made the prop cutting out a cloud shape from cardboard. She used a 4′ dowel rod and adhered it to the cardboard cloud with a hot glue gun.  To create the rain, long strands of cotton string were glued along the bottom of the cloud. Then used batting, from a local fabric store, and hot glued clumps on the cardboard to create the fluffy cloud effect. Tada! A fun cloud prop! Super easy and cheap!



♦♦ Layla and Taye’s beats for the rainy day: Budapest-George Ezra



I can’t believe the first half of the year is almost over and soon enough it will be summer. A big thank you again to Mina for being so talented and having the cutest little girl to feature each month. See you back for May when the flowers bloom!


[Prop created by Mina Caragay for the Hip Kid and photos are by Kirstina Sang]

Here and There

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! We sure did. Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of things that we did here and there. We had our annual Easter Egg hunt with all of our friends. This last week was also Spring Break for our little man so I convinced my husband to take a day off during the week so we can spend some quality family time together. I’m glad I pushed because it was great to see how happy little man was when he woke up and saw both of us in bed on a weekday! He spends most of his days playing at preschool with his friends so it’s a real treat when I get to spend as much time with him as possible. Everyday during the week he would say, “thank you mama for taking me out!” My heart just melted each time. Exploring the city with a toddler being 8 months pregnant wasn’t easy but it was well worth it just to see him smile.IMG_9645 IMG_9640

Just last year he would be super scared to climb anything at the playground but since he started preschool, it has really helped him conquer his fears. Now we can’t take him to a playground without him climbing all the structures. My heart beats a little faster when I see him so high up but I’m also super proud he is becoming so fearless!
IMG_9659 Piccino IMG_9675 IMG_9685It’s not often we get to have lunch as a family on a weekday but we decided to head over to Piccino’s in the Dogpatch. A girlfriend of mine kept telling me how this was one of her favorites. Man I wished I discovered it sooner. The food was absolutely amazing and the yellow building had so much charm inside and out. If you do make it out you have to try the Mushroom Pizza with Egg! I mean just look at his face in the picture above. All the food was definitely toddler approved because he ate everything! This doesn’t always happen. After you can head next door to their coffee shop to grab a cup and sweets.
IMG_9689 IMG_9701 Image 2 IMG_9699 IMG_9703I found Ironman and Olaf eggs that we stuffed and packed in his Easter basket. Oh and I also found a Big Hero 6 sticker book in the one dollar section of Target. The kid went bonkers.

We invited T’s friends over for our annual Easter Egg hunt and potluck. We really lucked out because the weather was beautiful and the kiddos had a blast! It was also a good excuse for the parents to catch up and have a little fun of their own too. Oh and since we got him this Iron man hoody, it has been on it’s 4th day of rotation. I don’t think he’s planning on taking it off ever. IMG_9646I found this toothbrush at Target that lights up for 60 seconds to push kids to brush until the light goes off. Brad thought I was crazy when I brought it home but it was his idea to turn off the lights. It was hilarious watching Taye brush his teeth in the dark with this glowing toothbrush while he dances. He absolutely loved that thing. I wonder how long until the novelty wears off?!

All in all we had a wonderful week and spending all this time with my little man made me love him even more, If that is even really possible.


[post by Samantha Du Quan]

Mini Utopia #3

Handsdown the cutest little critters in the park are your own little ones. There’s something about having your child run free in the open space through the trees and smelling the fresh scented air. We who live in San Francisco are lucky enough to have the best of both worlds. We get the urban living of a metropolis city but also have Golden Gate park at our disposal for an outdoor adventure.

For this Mini Utopia, Layla invited her little friends who got dressed up for a woodsy gathering in the park. Mina and her good friend Annalise of The Hummingbird Girls blog got together and created a woodland Critter theme that is too cute for words. They are fortunate to have a great group of moms with toddlers all around the same age who get to hang out and create fun memories like this.

Mini Utopia 3

Mini Utopia 3

A few props were made for the big day, which included critter mask on sticks and ear head bands to incorporate nature inspired items that would be fun for the kids and just cute for pictures. For snack time, they put together a toddler trail mix, fresh fruit and juice boxes.  Annalise also baked the most delicious looking toadstool mushroom cupcakes that were loved by the adults too, which were placed on a wood tiered platter that Mina handmade.  You never know what kind of a hungry mood a toddler will be in but one thing is for sure, this play date packed with adorableness and excitement!

Image 10 Mini Utopia

On Layla//Dress: Old Navy (similar) ; Cardigan: H & M; Raccoon socks: Little Circus; Kitty Shoes: Mini Melissa from Nordstrom

Mini Utopia 3

Mini Utopia

On Leo//Fox shirt: Zebi Baby from Heartfelt SF; Jacket: Gap (similar); Pants: Gap (similar); Moccasins: Bobux from Aldea Ninos Shop

Mini Utopia Mini Utopia Mini Utopia

On Matthew//Cardigan: Baby by Lindex; Tee: Gap (similar); Pants: KappAhl; Shoes: Gap On Enzo// Tee: Old Navy; Shoes: Nike Kids

mini u Mini UtopiaMini Utopia

Thanks again to Mina and Annalise for another cute overload feature! I wonder what Layla’s big adventure will be for next month?!

♦♦ Layla’s beats for her critter party: The Woods-Hollow Coves


[Set created by Mina and Annalise for the Hip Kid. All photos by Kirstina Sang, Linda T and Rocio Pearce]

Mini Utopia #2

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you are getting spoiled by your loved ones. Brad and I usually never celebrate this holiday because we believe that you should do something nice for your partner everyday. So in honor of that, I’m celebrating today by sharing our second Mini Utopia featuring Layla for all you moms out there.

The concept for this shoot was inspired by the Beatles Song “All you need is LOVE” which we feel is a message that is still very relevant today. Images of the late 60’s and Woodstock, with hippies and flower children came to mind. Mina imagined Layla in a field surrounded by beautiful flowers.

All you need is love


To create this whimsical back drop, Mina used paper tissue to create the flowers and then fashioned them onto a miniature wooden chair. She created the large heart from grapevine wreath. She also made a quick and simple crown from artificial flowers. Very simple and easy to DIY.



On Layla: Embroidered Dress by Gap (similar), Mocassin booties Gap

Thanks again to Mina and Layla for another cute feature! Get ready for next month it’s going to be another awesome one.

♦♦ Layla’s beats for All you need is Love: All you need is love- The Beatles


[Images and Set created by Mina Caragay for The Hip Kid]

Mini Utopia # 01

Sorry for the radio silence recently but forgive me, I’m in the works of moving to a new place so things are a bit cray right now. Today I’m super excited to introduce you to one of the brand new spankin’ series I mentioned in my last post. I’ve partnered up with the talented Mina Caragay who is the mama of the insanely adorable Layla with the best Instagram feed you must follow. If you already follow them think of this series as their feed on steroids. Each month we will feature Layla and her cute friends styled to the nines in front of a whimsical handmade set creating the coolest scenes. Why not create that imaginary world with your kids?! We hope to inspire you to have fun with your littles and give you some ideas for that next birthday party or just a fun shoot!


CCD 1 new

The Holiday season came and went, leaving behind a trail of used wrapping paper and cardboard boxes. Before they hit the recycling bins why not find a way to repurpose them. That’s how Mina came up with the idea of creating a large scale building block set. She picked up some chalkboard paint from her local Home Depot to create a canvas of endless possibilities.

In this scene, she envisioned Layla (her muse) shopping downtown in the city at night.  And what does one wear when shopping?  A Chanel Inspired look duh! The cool thing is this display also doubles up as building blocks too for hours of fun.


 Layla enjoyed playing in the new environment by stacking and knocking down the oversized blocks.  She played so hard she needed a nap!  You know the saying, “Shop till you drop!”



On Layla: Cardigan Target, Circle skirt Old Navy (similar), Shoes H&M, Purse Thrifted, Necklace- Borrowed from Mom

A big thank  you to this amazing duo for this awesome shopping adventure. I hope you enjoyed this new series and we can’t wait to share the next one with you!

♦♦Layla’s beats for Chalk City Dreams: Run the World (Girls)-Beyonce

[Images and Set created by Mina Caragay for The Hip Kid]

DIY Metallic Plates


Enjoying your weekend? It’s time for another DIY that I did for Jeanne of Shop Sweet Things. This one is definitely a must for the not so crafty. It’s takes 5 minutes but looks so expensive and classy. The best thing is that it’s perfectly imperfect. There’s no pattern to follow just use your imagination. Great for gift giving too if you want to give something special but not wanting to spend a lot of money. If you are feeling this DIY you can get the full tutorial here on Shop Sweet Things!


[Images and DIY by the HIP KID for Shop Sweet Things. This DIY was adopted and updated with our own twist]

A Little Fun With Our Tree

tree6Hello friends! How is the Pineapple Express storm treating you. I hope you have electricity in your house. This year we told Taye at the tree lot to pick one that was the same height as him. In the years past we have always gone to Santa’s Tree Farm to cut down a massive tree that usually was too big for our flat. This time with me being preggos and all we thought it might be better to keep things simple and small. Best idea ever because it was the perfect size for Taye to decorate. As usual we broke out the hot cocoa and turned up the classic holiday music and got straight to work. After a couple sips of hot cocoa, the kid was screaming over and over again, “I love hot chococoa!”

I always wanted a table top tree in a pot but I had a hard time finding a pot so instead I opted to personalize my tree stand with just two simple supplies. Burlap and Ribbon.

Step 1: put your tree stand on top of the middle of the burlap.

Step 2: start wrapping it up around the water pot covering it.

Step 3: use the ribbon to tie it all together.

fun tree2 I also thought it might be fun to sprinkle fake snow all over our tree and on the floor. Brad thought I was crazy. It was a bit messy but we had so much fun doing it. Besides nothing that a hand vacuum can’t handle. Taye loved it so much he started picking up the snow and dropping it over our heads saying it was snowing in our house. He even did it to his best friend Lulu. tree3 fun treeWe hope you have or had as much fun as we did decorating the tree. Happy Holidays!


the Quans


Brit Kit Collabs x Shop Sweet Things


Have you heard the cool news?! Jeanne from Shop Sweet Things [who I contribute DIY projects with] has partnered with Brit+Co for their holiday exclusive, Brit Kit Collabs. For a limited time, Brit+Co is offering 9 unique DIY kits, co-created with their favorite bloggers, designers and makers, to sell in her shop. And I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have our DIY be part of this!


They have chosen our Painted Bead Necklaces idea, created by yours truly, as part of the collab. Remember how much fun the kids had making them! The good news is that you can now purchase a kit here and make your own! Or make two and gift one to your daughter as a “mama and me” gift. How cute would it be to wear for the holidays together?

So head on over today to get the fun started for the holidays! And don’t forget to check out our other DIY ideas on Shop Sweet Things here and here!



Images via Brit+Co

Yay! It’s Autumn.

IMG_7807 I love this time of year so very much. There is a crisp in the air, the beautiful orange and brown leaves falling from the trees and breaking out all the sweaters again. Although when we recently took him to our cabin in Sonora, it was definitely not sweather weather. It was around 70-75 degrees every day. We walked around in t-shirts and shorts. Nice but I was really looking forward to my autumn outfits.

We love the city but sometimes it’s just nice to take the boys out to the woods and let them explore. They go from playing with trains and balls to playing with dirt, plants and rocks. They are covered in filth when they come inside but it’s so amazing to see the smiles on their faces from their outdoor adventures.
IMG_7784 Dad and son skipping rocks! What’s kind of sad to see is how the drought has affected this pond. Normally where they are standing would be two feet of water at least. I’m really hoping for more rain this year. More rain equals more snow and snowboarding. Which means more trips to the cabin for us. IMG_7760 taye3Above, you can take these two grown kids out of the city but you can never take the kids out of our hearts! Below, how sweet is this?! He is pushing his cousin Evan on the swings. He knew how to push gently too. Such a sweet boy.taye Image 6Taye is wearing: RVCA trucker hat, Earth Cadets shirt, Zara kids pants, New balance sneakerstaye5 taye2 Image 1Above, the boys playing with the cattails. They were shoving these in each other’s faces. I loved that he brought them back and said it was for me but my allergies were going nuts. Kids at the CabinImage 8This kid loves to cook. I’m so glad he does because when he gets older he can cook for us. Here he is helping me make turkey macaroni. Look at the concentration in cutting mushrooms. Such a natural.

 ♦♦Taye’s beats for the day: Go Outside-The Cults

Avocado and Wasabi Deviled Eggs



Happy Halloween!!! I love this version of a deviled egg that looks like eyeballs. Perfectly creepy to add to your scary dinner tonight. I’m assuming the avocado and wasabi together must make it taste kind of like sushi or not. You can get the recipe here. I can’t wait to see pictures of all your halloween costumes. Be safe while trick or treating and or partying. Have a spooktacular weekend!


DIY Fox and Deer Glow Masks

glow mask3

Here is something fun and easy you could do for Halloween with your kids as an art activity or you guys could just play around with the finish product. I love the free animal mask templates that April from illistyle blog provides on her blog. She uses felt but I decided to put a spin on it by using glow in the dark paint. Taye and I had a really fun time wearing them around the pumpkin patch and just around the neighborhood. What’s great too is that you could also stash them with your character play toys and use them again and again.


Materials and Supplies:

+ Free printable Fox and Deer mask from illistyle Blog here

+ Glow in the dark paint here

+ Small Paint brush

+ 2 White cardstock paper (81/2 x 11)

+ Single hole punch

+ Scissors

+ Glue

+ Elastic

+ Cup with water


Step 1: Print out the free mask template from illistyle in black and white ink onto your cardstock paper.

Step 2: Follow the directions and put your Fox and Deer mask together with a pair of scissors and glue.

Step 3: Plan your colors for each mask. Then start painting the mask but only outline each shape. Don’t color in each area otherwise you will not have the right effect. Make sure to do several coats for a better glow. Once you are done painting let it set for 2 hours.

Image 5

Step 4: Take the single hole puncher and punch a hole at each end of the mask for the elastic to fit through.

Image 3Step 5: Once it’s dry measure your kid’s head to cut the elastic accordingly. Then loop it in each hole at the ends and knot.

Step 6: Have fun with them! These mask are great for Halloween for day time or night time play.

glow mask 4


3 Already?!

This is a damn good Friday for me. Why? cause my SF Giants are going to the World Series AGAIN!!! My little good luck charm was lucky enough to be at the game last night. This kid just turned 3 last month and he will have witnessed 2 world series featuring the Giants in his short lifetime. What a lucky boy. Ok enough about baseball and now moving on to the bigger news.

My baby turned THREE!

Taye is 3

It seem like just yesterday when I was saying hello in a baby voice and making googly eyes to the one thing that would change my life completely. It was for sure love at first site. And now he stands half my size and tells me “it will be ok” when I’m down. The last couple of years I have been lucky enough to witness this tiny person grow little by little and become smarter, funnier, more affectionate, and inquisitive. It’s crazy to think what we do and say effects how this person develops. All I can do is my best in making sure he becomes a better version of himself year after year. Because this is what he has pushed me to be. Because of him I wake up in the mornings and smile. Because of him I push myself to the limit. Because of him I learn to become stronger from my mistakes. I can’t wait to see him grow up doing something he is passionate about, get married and start a family of his own. Although I selfishly wish that he could stay this age forever.


He loves Jake the Pirate so we decided to throw him a pirate themed breakfast party. SAMSUNG CSC T3.9 SAMSUNG CSC

T3.10Tanner looking for his treasures on Taye’s map.


These little pirates were brave enough to walk the plank above thousands of sharks.


The little parrot is tired. T3.57GIbTJVXn_6Zu3Rd3wDgFNYTBNtfJpnmeK9-SA8fBCU,DGsw-VOgSb7aIyFpxQa6U3mNObsDtKgxxC96E4je4_YT3.11ZP7IONi_oUtqa1oQAhsgZa-4669xokTLJitPJuZRu5k,vYWqtcoqYTMvOcbVDQyIrfvTCQLr7NPWnGsd4YOYh7A


You can’t celebrate a birthday without a trip to Easy Breezy!!

I love this picture above. You can tell somebody was super excited to turn 3! Excuse our messy house but this is what happens when a 3 year old opens all his presents at once. Happiest 3rd birthday to the best kid in the world!!! We love you to the moon and back!

♦♦ Taye’s beats for his birthday: Happy Birthday-The Ting Tings

YouTube Preview Image

DIY Modern Doormat

diy-modern-floor-mat-2For months now I’ve been looking for a new door mat but couldn’t find something I really loved. Then one day I was staring at my old one and thought a better idea would be to restore it to life. This way you can create something that truly fits the style of your home. With three simple supplies: old floor mat, spray paint, and ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape I was able to turn something old into a modern new. And people how freaking envious are we of my friend Jeanne’s shoes that are used to style the pictures?! If you are up for the challenge, head over to Shop Sweet Things for my full tutorial.


DIY by The Hip Kid. Photos and styling by SST.


DIY Washi Tape Wall


IMG_1382Happy Friday!

Are you ready for the long weekend. I definitely am. Lately I’ve been really obsessed with Washi tape from Japan and finding a good DIY is super exciting. This adorable mom found a focal wall in her kids room and created the cutest wall decal using this tape. And it only costs her TEN DOLLARS. So smart and economical. The best thing is, it’s not permanent so you can easily take if off if you one day change your style. I think I’m going to give it a go but just have to find the right wall in our tiny little flat first.

[photo via Everything Emily]

DIY Painted Bead Necklaces *Kid Friendly*

DIY 13Happy freakin’ friday!!! This has been one incredibly long week for me. Maybe it’s because I can’t stop thinking about our vacation starting next Tuesday. Maui here we come! It’s that time again for another DIY with Shop Sweet Things. This one today is extra special because we are featuring two of the cutest kids ever! Hayden, Jeanne’s oldest and of course my little monkey.

DIY 11

Lately I have been really into all the clay bead necklaces that are very popular in Australia. You can pretty much find a ton of artist on Etsy who make them but they are not always cheap. So we created this DIY and thought it would be super fun to have the kids join us and make their own. Especially since Jeanne told me that Hayden has been really into jewelry making. They make a really awesome art activity or great gifts. Find our full tutorial hereIf you are not in a crafty mood and rather purchase one, I love Emily Green or  Mama and Little. 

DIY 15

DIY outtakes I had to share these outtakes that were just too cute not too. These two are adorable together and they were so proud to wear their necklaces. Taye was very shy at first. He actually told me he was nervous but once he got comfortable, it was crazy party time.  Have a fantastic weekend. I think it’s going to be a hot one in the bay. Hooray!!!


A Steller Story

The topic ‘the life of a blog’ always seem to come up in many of my recent conversations . What’s next?  How will they evolve? Last month, I saw a new app being used by another blogger friend, Ana Kamin and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Steller, have you heard of it? Brian McAniff and Karen Poole are the brother and sister design team behind the mobile first, on the go story-telling resource. Then I was reminded of it again by my dear friend Jeanne when she published some awesome stories. And funny because during our coffee meet-up, we chatted about this topic as well. This time I knew I had to do something about it.

If you love pictures as much as I do and is obsessed with Instagram and Pinterest, then you would love this new app. Steller allows you to publish digital mini stories with text, pictures and videos on the spot with your phone. If you love all things creative, I warn you now, it could be very addicting and consume your free time. Not saying that this will replace blogs [never say never] but it’s sure a fresh spin to how you could present your posts.

I took some time to create my own profile and add some stories last week. The minimalistic design is sleek and low-tech friendly.  Below are two stories I wanted share. Be sure check out the app and of course follow my stories on Steller.


 Father’s Day story made on Steller


DIY story made on Steller

DIY Neon Fruit Swaddles

DIY swaddle 7

Swaddle DIY 1

Hi there! Are you ready for another DIY? I’m so excited to tell you all that I will be a DIY guest contributor each month over at Shop Sweet Things for the incredible tastemaker and dear friend, Jeanne Chan. [you can’t see me but I’m totally blushing, what an honor!]  We will be collaborating to bring fresh new projects to inspire you to get creative.

What new mom doesn’t love Aden & Anais swaddles and their adorable prints?! Jeanne introduced me to potato stamping and I thought what a great idea to make your own set. So today I worked on making a set of Neon Fruit print swaddles. It actually was super easy but does require a bit of time. You can use them to wrap up your adorable baby or gift them to a friend. If this sparks your interest you can get the full tutorial here.

I guess today is all about news! Please excuse any odd looking things or glitches on my blog this weekend. The Hip Kid is getting a slight makeover so be ready to come back next week for some fresh updates. And as you are reading this I’m enjoying some sun at our family cabin in Sonora. Whatever your plans may be, enjoy yourselves! XO



Foodie Fridays *Food Art*

Hope your week went well. If not, don’t you worry it’s Friday!!! As you can see from my last post Taye is starting pre-school this fall. Because of that I’ve been obsessing over what to do for his school lunches. It makes me a little very stressed out to think that I have to start packing his lunch after being spoiled by our current daycare and their awesome free meals. So I’ve been searching high and low for great ideas on websites and magazines. Today I came across this absolutely fun and cute blog, LeeSamantha. [yup that is correct her name is Samantha too! I was meant to find her] She creates whimisical, colorful and imaginative meals for her 2 daughters. I’m not sure if I have the patience or skills to remake any of her creations but they sure are  fun to look at. I wish she was my mom. Here are a few that I love! samantha leeWe will be on lock down for this long weekend because potty training will be in full effect. Wish us luck . Enjoy the long weekend!

[image source: Leesamantha]

Easter Funday


DSC_0135Call me cheesy but I love egg hunting. I mean what kid [or Adult] doesn’t like searching for treasures especially ones that you can eat! Before having kids my girlfriends and I would actually do the hunts with each other. So now that we have kids it’s double the fun. This year I decided to take it outside at Midtown Terrace playground and I’m so glad I did because the weather was beautiful! We couldn’t ask for a better day, it was almost a little too warm at times. I prepped 250 eggs for the hunt for about 12 kids. Yes I went a little nuts. Always better to have more than not enough when entertaining. I just didn’t want the kids walking away with only a handful in about 2 minutes of hunting like I use to.  Instead they walked away with 2 baskets worth after a 1/2 hour. It was so excessive some parents were sitting and eating out of the baskets while their kids were still hunting. It was hilarious. After we received some really nice texts and emails from some of the parents saying how much fun their kids had. This made my day. I’m so glad Taye has so many awesome friends, Aunties and Uncles to share these special occasions with.IMG_3959 DSC_0128

[All of the Easter decorations and supplies were from Target [$1 specials] and OhJoy for Target. I think I spent about less than $100 for everything.]Easter3 Easter5 Easter8

DSC_0169 DSC_0142 DSC_0155

[These two are swim buddies and here they are holding hands and playing ball. How adorable.]DSC_0213 Easter1 Easter2 IMG_3967 DSC_0184 Easter7 Easter6

[How super cute is little Evan in her Sunday best for Easter. Can’t wait for her to run around next years collecting two baskets full of eggs]DSC_0274

[You can’t be at the park without playing a little baseball. This was the funniest thing watching Matthias pitch while Taye hit the ball. These two are going to take over the field in a couple of years. Watch out SF Giants!]DSC_0269

[Thank you to all the families that came out and celebrated with us. We can’t wait to do it again next year.]Image

[Lastly, these two monkeys sneaked off to the Fire Station across the street and took the most amazing picture. Fire trucks= Happy Boys!]

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: The Mother We Share-Chvrches


Just Egging Out


[These two boys are such a blast to watch. I’m so glad they get along so well. They are quite the dancers too! Check out this video]

I absolutely love spending time with my kid to make things. After all tapping into his curiosity is one of the most important things I can do for my child. I know it helps stimulate my brain as well. A couple of Fridays ago I decided to do a craft night for our kiddos with my girlfriend Pilar. Yes it was a little self-indulgent because it was also a great time to catch up on our own lives too. We ordered in [Korean YUM, never can turn that down] and just hung out. Pilar is a teacher and is very talented when it comes to baking and crafting. Whenever I need to get my creative juices flowing, I can count on her to come up with brilliant ideas. So when I asked her about Easter, she came up with three activities for the boys that involves eggs. At first we thought three might be pushing it given their attention spans were probably only one activity long but we actually managed to get through all three without any meltdowns. They did such an amazing job. It’s funny to watch how differently they approach the same project. Tanner is more of the get in there and get messy kind of kid where as Taye is very cautious and prefers not to get dirty. Strange because I don’t know about Pilar but I was always into getting messy and diving in with both hands as a kid. I think I still use the same approach now!

craft2 [someone was super excited to get into all the fun! how cute is this little guy?! I’m pretty sure he was on all toes just to get a peek]
craft1 crafts4 craft5


[First up-we did Dot Marker Eggs. During this one Taye was saying that he was making one for Appa and one for Mama. It was so much fun to see how into it he was. While I was trying to create patterns, my kid was going for the more abstract look. What an artist. He truly inspires me.]

craft7craft8 craft 13

[Next up-Paint-Rolling Eggs. This was pretty cool. I think the boys really enjoyed watching the egg roll around. Taye couldn’t stop shaking the tray. Tanner was hilarious, every time we turned around his egg was gone. He decided early on that he wanted to toss the egg. Forget rolling it around. That one is definitely a leader not a follower.]craft 11

[This last one was my absolute favorite! Shaving cream eggs. We basically filled the tray up with shaving cream and mixed in different colors. Then place the paper egg cut-out over it and voila you get the most beautiful looking tie dye. After we were done we told the boys to put their hands in the shaving cream to feel the texture. Of course Taye only used a couple of fingers as he carefully touched it. I on the other stuck both hands in there. Big kid alert.]craft 12

[Look at all these beautiful work of arts. Such talents.So perfect as easter decorations for our home. Thank you teacher Pilar and Tanner for a fun filled Friday evening. We can’t wait for our next craft date! xoxo S & T]

Rain Please Stay for a little while!

Happy Monday! Is it Friday yet?! It rained all weekend but we still managed to squeeze in so much in two days. Taye started coughing again and I was sure that we would be on house arrest and hanging out with a cranky toddler but luckily it seem to only be a little bug. [knock on wood] He’s still in a really good mood and down to do things which is the most important part. I was reading the other day and found this random fact: did you know that on average kids get sick up to 8-10 times per year? [I’m pretty sure that the majority of it happens during the winter season] That’s cray cray! I don’t remember being sick so often oh wait, come to think of it I was sick a lot but I just thought it was my weak immune system. Here are some great tips on how to keep your kids healthy on Parents.

I’ve been waiting patiently for the rain to arrive so Taye could rock his new Hatley raincoat and Native rain boots. Although I failed to get him an umbrella. He was shouting out “mamella” all day when he saw people walking around with umbrellas. So cute. This kid was super excited to play in the rain. He kept opening up his palms and catching it. He has yet to discover opening his mouth to catch it but I’m sure it will happen real soon. It’s amazing how much he can say and  how we can have a full blown conversation. His latest thing is “slow down, drive slowly mama, it’s dangerous. the car is coming. okay?!” I mean really, he’s a genius right? Oh and if I tell him not to do something, he looks at me and says, “ok mama I won’t do it. I’m sorry” This isn’t on all occasions like I wish though. What a fun age.

We even managed to get some alone time and do some cool things with our friends. Hopefully the rain decides to stay for the week and let the sun return for our upcoming three day weekend!




[he loved puddle jumping and did not want to go inside even when it starting pouring]

[I had this amazing salad last week that I tried to recreate. **chickpeas, cucumbers, granny smith apples, salami and cherry tomatoes with a lemon vinaigrette dressing. I got to say it was pretty darn close to what I had.]


[we had a fun PaintNite date with another couple where we got to paint and drink at the same time. it was so much fun and I would totally do it again. The paintings above were the ones done by professionals and we were suppose to copy]IMG_3115


[I’d say we did a rather stellar job. I think people would pay for these. wink*]IMG_3141 photo 1 IMG_3131 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset[we met up with Kim Chronicles and her husband for some Korean food and Soju at Dan Sung Sa in Oakland. Great way to end the night with good food and great friends.]

Enjoy your week!

All About LOVE

Happy Friday! I’ve never been really big on Valentine’s [CHEESE] day because I believe you should tell/show people you love them every day.  But I’m not going to let my opinion stop my kid from loving it. He can form his own opinions of this day when he gets older. Here are a few ideas of what I do plan on doing with Taye and some are just too cute not to share Enjoy!


Heart-Crispy-Treats-1 Succulent-Valentines-410x600 Printable-Valentine-Box-by-Amanda-Jane-Jones baby-sleeping-heart-balloons

♥ DIY crayons || Paper Flower Crown (this one is more for me) || Heart Crispy Treats || Succulent Valentines || Valentines surprise Box || Baby Pic ♥

Holiday in the Bay with kids

Only 10 days till Christmas but there is still enough time to get your families out there and enjoy all the holiday festivities in the Bay area. Some are free and some can  cost a small fee but either way don’t let 2013 go without creating some memorable experiences. Here are some Bay Area activities I want to check out.

zoo lights2






































































::ONE>>SF Zoo Lights

::TWO>>Downtown Snow Fall

::THREE>>Renegade Crafts Fair

::FOUR>>Christmas with Walt

::FIVE>>Fairy Winterland

::SIX>>24 Holidays on 24th

::SEVEN>>Gingerbread Extravaganza

Blink Inc Holiday shoot

20 more days till Christmas! Are you ready? I can’t wait bring it on, I’m counting down the days. Every year we get family pictures done for our holiday cards but this year I really didn’t want to spend too much. So I discovered Blink Inc in Corte Madera. I’m so glad I did because it’s affordable and efficient. You literally book it online, walk in, take your pics in 10 minutes, and VOILA! Short and sweet just the way I like it. I know you are wondering how the hell is 10 minutes enough time. Well it is, believe me. And the best part is you get your pics in one day.

Before we went to our shoot, Brad and I said we would only purchase one or two good ones for the cards. Oh dear, it went so well that we ended up spending more. If it was up to me alone I would of probably bought the whole package. shhh! don’t tell him that.
Blink-CorteMadera-color-2013-11-30-19-08-53-320-34070-full Blink-CorteMadera-color-2013-11-30-19-10-46-420-34095-full

[come on, look at those dimples! stop it]Blink-CorteMadera-color-2013-11-30-19-11-15-870-34100-full Blink-CorteMadera-color-2013-11-30-19-12-15-890-34112-full Blink-CorteMadera-color-2013-11-30-19-12-49-700-34118-full Blink-CorteMadera-color-2013-11-30-19-13-37-420-34130-full Blink-CorteMadera-color-2013-11-30-19-13-39-600-34131-full

[love love these father son moments. they look so happy]Blink-CorteMadera-color-2013-11-30-19-14-25-380-34137-full Blink-CorteMadera-color-2013-11-30-19-14-58-580-34141-full


[these two are best buds forever]Blink-CorteMadera-color-2013-11-30-19-16-11-560-34150-fullIMG_2395 IMG_2396

[yes we are the buffalo check family for the holidays and we love it!]


>>>>>What we wore<<<<<

Brad:: Vince Sweater (similar here)\J. Crew shirt\Joe Jeans (similar here)\Adidas Rod Laver (similar here) * Taye Taye:: H&M Jacket (similar here)\Crewcuts shirt\H&M Jeans\Gap shoes (similar here)\Crewcuts Bow tie (similar) * Me:: Zara Sweater\J. Crew shirt (similar)\AG Jeans (similar)\Gap Scarf\Madewell Shoes

Our Christmas Tree!


I can’t believe we just had Thanksgiving this past weekend and now it’s officially the month of Christmas! Is it just me or does it feel like the time between the two holidays seem to get shorter and shorter?! Man this year has really flown by. I absolutely love the holidays. The lights everywhere, the music, smell of the trees, special holiday flavored treats, all of it. And people seem to be a lot nicer around the holidays.

Every year we head up to Santa’s Tree farm in Half Moon Bay to cut down our tree. Yes [i know] not very green but the whole experience is just so much fun! Plus there is fake snow and a train ride that Taye loves. This time around I had to give Brad an extra push out of bed in the morning. He just got a new job and I’m so proud of him but the poor guy has been working 16 hour days for the last 2 weeks straight [even weekends]. So we almost passed on it this year but I’m glad we didn’t because it was such a beautiful day. Last year peanut was still in the ergo so I got to pick the tree. Since he is walking this year we told him he could pick the tree. Every time Brad asked him if he liked this tree or that tree, he would say, “not this one, it’s too big for our house”. What a funny little guy! Finally after walking around for 1/2 hour…he found our TREE! Now we just have to find time to decorate it..…..
DSC_0353 DSC_0356 DSC_0360 DSC_0370 DSC_0420 DSC_0408 Tree1 DSC_0395 DSC_0388 DSC_0382

 On a side note: this year I decided to make the boys an advent calendar. I wanted to do one big enough where we could fit little trinkets and notes instead of the chocolate. And the bonus was all the supplies only cost me $40 from Michaels and Amazon. Oh yes that is my naked tree in the back ground. Like I said, we need time more time please….


♦♦Taye’s beats for the day: All I want for Christmas is you-Mariah Carey

We all scream for Ice Cream!!

OK we confess. we made ice cream sundaes and strawberry & blueberry yogurt popsicles on a school night. you probably think we are crazy but it was super fun! it also was sort of a tiny intimate launch party for the hip kid. what better way to celebrate than to throw a ice cream social. i guess the hubby told him on the way home from daycare that he was going to have ice cream. because the minute he walked thru the door he said two words «MAMA & ICE CREAM»definitely my kid! then he saw the popsicle garland and started dancing. such a cute sight! ok half way thru it i was thinking to myself what did i get us into. and why did my girlfriend agree to this madness. these kids are never going to bed. but just seeing them so happy it was all worth it. why not do something out of the ordinary weekday routine?! show your kids some spontaneous fun and let them eat ice cream on a school night! by the way, the kid was so happy he feel asleep in less than 5 minutes at his usual bed time.



PicMonkey Collage

[papersource has the best DIY kits. this popsicle garland only took me a 1/2 hour, super easy. i like to keep all my crafts for future parties]

PicMonkey Collage 1 DSC_0053 DSC_0107 DSC_0140 DSC_0131

[my girlfriend made these strawberry & blueberry yogurt popsicles with her zoku quick pop maker. all you need is blended fruit and greek yogurt and it only took 7 minutes to freeze. yummers]

DSC_0181 DSC_0184

[looks like someone got popsicle all over his socks. i think we have a winner]

DSC_0186_2 DSC_0190


[we even had time to do a little arts and crafts for Halloween. OoBLECK. have you heard of it? it’s a sensory activity <remember-touch with your hands not with your mouth> it is super easy and guaranteed fun. it’s basically 1 part water to 1.5-2 parts of corn starch. add some food coloring to make it more festive. warning-might be more fun for parents. ha]

♦♦Taye’s beats for the day: If so- Atlas Genius

[credits: photos by thehipkid]

taye is two!

♥ happy second birthday to my little peanut!!!!


when i first had Taye everyone would tell me the same thing over a million times. «enjoy it while you can, cause time flies» as annoyed as i would get, they were right! i can’t believe how fast he turned two. i remember when i would just cradle him in my arms while he stared up at me and say nothing. now i can barely keep him in my arms for more than a minute before he starts yelling «no way jose! while he waves his finger at me» parents are such suckers and i’m one of them.

my favorite memory of my mom was how she would throw me a birthday party every year until i was 7. nothing big always the same thing every year: chicken littles from KFC piled high, a mountain of french fries, coke cans, a cake enough to feed 20 kids with ice cream and only invite three of my friends. it didn’t matter that we had chicken littles and cake for the entire week for lunch and dinner. it was the time and effort she would put into it to make me feel special.

for Taye’s second birthday, i decided to throw him a «where the wild things are» theme party. i had planned for an outdoor party at the playground. September is generally super nice but on the day of his birthday, it rained. not just light drizzle, pouring rain. i just died!! but thanks to my incredible MIL, she offered to have it at her house. she saved my life. lesson learned. it doesn’t matter what you do but that you actually do something. as long as your kid is having fun, it will be memorable.

IMG_1674 [i found this awesome invitation on etsy from metrobabycards]

t2tkids sandoBanh mi [these labels were created by designsbypurcell on etsy]


IMG_3175DSC_0248 2013-09-21 DSC_1863 IMG_3230 DSC_0203

Taye's cake[nothing beats Noe Valley Bakery, their cakes and pastries are the best]


DSC_0256_2 DSC_0265 DSC_0260

[for dinner we took him to Benihana. it was so cute that he made a friend there]


[we got him a firstbike. they are the perfect training bikes and look how awesome that it comes in black and orange]

♦♦ Taye’s beats for the day: Happy Birthday-The Ting Tings from Yo Gabba Gabba

[credits: photos by thehipkid]